Mini options contracts are now available for Apple, Google, Amazon, Gold and S&P 500

Mini Options

Scottrade’s platforms and trading tools are ready to handle your mini options trades.

Now, traders can trade mini options contracts through their Scottrade brokerage account, offering a new entry into options trading for three stocks: AAPL, GOOG and AMZN as well as two exchange traded funds: GLD and SPY. Please keep in mind that options are not suitable for all investors.

The new mini options enable options-approved traders interested in adding options trading to their portfolio strategy to participate in 10-share lot positions. While the commission and contract fees remain the same on all options contracts, mini options reduces the cost of entering options contract trades through the lower cost associated with a lower share requirement, letting you explore options trading at a lower initial investment; however, you should be aware that the bid/offer spreads are higher for mini options than for standard options.

Mini Options FAQs

Scottrade has created FAQs specifically for mini options trading, as well as offering educational information to help you understand the risks and characteristics associated with options trading.

To assist you in differentiating mini options contracts, we have added:

  • An M by the strike price in options chains and option order entry.
  • MINI in the symbol description, open and completed orders section, transactions, positions, watch lists, confirmations and statements, for example: AAPL 500.00 APR 13 MINI C

If you are not yet enrolled in options trading, contact your local Scottrade branch office for more information.

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