A Broad Variety of Products and Accounts to Support Your Investing Goals
Scottrade provides a wide range of investing products and account types to help you find the solutions you need to fit your strategy. We offer interactive tools and research that help you select investments to meet your financial goals. We also have a wide range of accounts so that you can further refine your investing strategies.
All investing involves risk. The value of your investment may fluctuate over time, and you may gain or lose money.
Account Types
Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts

Prepare for retirement with Scottrade’s diverse selection of IRAs, all with no account opening or maintenance fees. Other fees may apply.

You can also manage your retirement funds in one place by using Scottrade® IRA accounts.

Education Savings Accounts

Education Savings Accounts

Whether you’re saving for your child’s, grandchild’s or other eligible young person’s education, an Education Savings Account (ESA) is an investment in future generations.

You can set money aside for a child’s education with a Coverdell ESA. There are no set-up, inactivity or annual fees. Other fees may apply.

Product Types
Stock Illustration


At Scottrade, you can use a variety of innovative research tools and services to find stocks that help you reach your financial goals.

Screen stocks using dozens of criteria to find the ones that fit your investment strategies. You can set up alerts, watch lists or advanced orders to help you capitalize on emerging opportunities.



Considering expanding your portfolio to include options? Due to their high risk, options aren’t appropriate for all investors. But if you’re ready to explore them, Scottrade provides free option-trading tools and investment education.

Whether you want to learn about simple puts and calls or more complex strategies, our in-person branch seminars can help get you started.



Margin loans can be a low-cost, flexible way to borrow funds for your investment strategy.

When used responsibly, margin can increase your buying power, and allow you to access a line of credit, competitive interest rates and a flexible repayment schedule. It is important to evaluate your risk tolerance before using margin. The loss can include more than the principal amount invested. Terms and conditions, risk statement and margin statement available on Scottrade.com.

Mutual Funds Illustration

Mutual Funds

Access more than 14,000 mutual funds.

Choose from load funds, no-load funds and more than 2,500 no-transaction-fee funds.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds

ETFs represent a basket of securities – such as stocks and bonds – and they trade throughout the day on an exchange like a stock.

ETFs are professionally managed and designed in many cases to track the performance of an index. Scottrade provides access to most ETFs, which can be used to employ many investment strategies.

Fixed Income illustration

Fixed Income

Bond investing with Scottrade gives you direct access to more than 300 bond broker-dealers, helping you invest in corporate, municipal, government and agency bonds.

You can begin bond investing by building your customized portfolio with help from our robust tools and online research. Scottrade also offers certificates of deposit (CDs) with competitive interest rates and annual yields with maturities ranging from one month to 20 years.


International Investing

Scottrade offers investment exposure to over 20 foreign markets through American Depository Receipts (ADRs). ADRs represent one or more shares of non-U.S. stocks, but are traded domestically, which can help reduce the complexities associated with trading directly in foreign markets. In addition, Scottrade offers a variety of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold securities in countries around the globe, including developed and emerging nations.

As a client, you gain access to sophisticated tools and research to help you discover international investing opportunities.