Research and trade treasury bills, notes, bonds and other fixed income investments backed by the U.S. government

Treasury Bonds

Principal & Interest Guaranteed

Treasury bonds come in a variety of forms, each bringing different benefits, risks, and tax considerations to an investor’s portfolio. A U.S. Government-issued bond or Treasury offers various tax advantages and fits a wide range of investment objectives.

Scottrade also offers Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS) which are Treasuries that are adjusted semi-annually to represent a real, inflation-adjusted yield. The coupon on TIPS is significantly lower than a non-TIP security. Contact a convenient Scottrade branch office for help with TIPS trading.

Investing in Treasuries

To select Treasury bonds that best align with your investing goals and to consider your entire range of bond investing options, use our online screening tools specifically designed to help you invest with confidence. Also, if you’d like further information prior to testing your investment strategies, we invite you to explore our online research and reference guides as well as on-demand market news and commentary.

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