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Gear shift: Contemplating a big change in your investment style?

Wanna Make a Radical Shift? Be Careful Changing Investing Styles

When faced with an underperforming portfolio, long-term investors can be tempted to radically shift their approach to investing. But there are many things they should stop and consider, including whether the grass is really greener on the other side. 

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Spilled milk: Common trading mistakes and how to avoid them

Financial Facepalms: Avoid These 7 Common Trading Mistakes

It can seem easy—a click or two to make a trade—but there’s a lot of thought and decision-making that should go into the process. That’s why it’s important to avoid these seven common trading mistakes.

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Tax rules for transferring a 401(k) into an IRA.

IRA Rollover Rules and Key Considerations: 5 Must Knows

Workers rarely have one or two jobs in their lifetime anymore. That’s why it’s important to keep track of old 401(k)s when changing jobs and evaluate whether rolling over to an IRA is right for you.

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Unexpected Retirement

Life Happens: Preparing for the Unexpected On Way to Retirement

Surprise events like a market downturn or job loss can quickly derail even the best-laid retirement plans. Preparing for the unexpected with an emergency fund, smart investments, and regular financial checkups can help mitigate the potential negative impact.

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Big Expense? Keep Savings Short Term

Big Purchase on the Horizon? Think Short Term.

Got a big purchase on your wish list? Not sure how to make it happen? For starters, think small—as in small steps. Add this to a realistic timeline, and you’ll put yourself in a better position to be successful.

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Trading routines revealed: nothing wrong with good habits

Trader Routines Revealed: Nothing Wrong With Good Habits

We interviewed a handful of successful traders and market thought leaders to learn more about their habits and routines on any given day. Their answers were intriguing and offered a rare
glimpse into the life of a trader.

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Opening bell: trading during the first hour of the market

The First Hour of the Trading Day: Should You Avoid It?

The opening bell means many things to many people. If you’re a trader, you need to decide if it makes sense for you to be active as soon as the opening bell rings, or if the first hour should be on your avoid list.

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Cutting with scissors: Fine-tuning a retirement financial plan in the last stretch.

Eye on Retirement: The Last Stretch. Get Retirement Ready.

It’s almost here: retirement. No matter how you plan to spend the next chapter in your life, it’s important to make sure your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed to ensure you live the best version of retirement possible.

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Planning for retirement and making financial goals.

Make SMART Goals Part of Your Investment Plan

Whether you’re planning for today or a few years down the road, it’s best to remember the acronym SMART to help ensure you pursue actionable and realistic goals.

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Six habits of the wealthy

Behaviors of the Wealthy: 6 Powerful Habits of the Rich

While different people take different paths to building their wealth, one thing stays constant: They all share a propensity to practice these six habits.

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Life Cycles: Stock Market Stages of Accumulation, Markup, Distribution, Markdown

The Power of Patience and the Four Stages of Stock Cycles

Cycles and stages are important indicators in the movement of stocks. The key is understanding them—and recognizing when they’re happening—to help you identify potential trading and investment opportunities.

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Family with Three Generations Plan Ahead with Estate Considerations.

Estate Planning: Build Up, Draw Down, Distribute Balance

Estate planning isn’t something reserved for the wealthy. It’s a smart financial strategy to help protect your years of hard work and ensure your loved ones are taken care of according to your wishes.

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Key components of rebalancing your portfolio

Rebalancing: Keeping Your Portfolio in Check

As returns on different parts of your portfolio diverge, rebalancing your portfolio can be instrumental in helping you achieve long-term goals.  

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A gainer in your investment portfolio could actually be a loser, and vice versa.

Evaluating Winning and Losing Investments: It’s All Relative

As you review investments in your portfolio, it might be important to remember that gainers might be underperforming, and a security that’s lost value might be attractive.

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Tax loss harvesting may help you lower your tax bill.

5 Tips for Year-End Tax Planning

Taxes can have a big impact on investments, so making the right moves can mean the difference between significant gains or losses.

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Investing with the Trend

Trend Investing: Trading on the Market’s Direction

If your portfolio has taken a hit from the constant up and down of the markets, you may want to check out an alternative trading strategy.

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Using leverage can help your trading risk management.

A Leveraged Approach to Managing Risk and Reward

Leverage can help boost potential profits and diversify your portfolio. But it comes with significant risks that you should be aware of.

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You can use order types and option strategies to help protect profits and minimize losses.

6 Ways to Help Protect Profits and Minimize Losses

Are you losing sleep over how to protect trading profits and minimize trading losses? A variety of order types and options strategies might help.

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3 Option Strategies for the Long-term Investor

Options can be used not just by active traders, but also by long-term investors looking to gain additional income or protect against loss.

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Saving for college with an education savings account.

How Financial Gifts Can Make Holiday Shopping Rewarding

Financial gifts can have a more long-lasting and more important impact than almost any other gift.

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Catch up on retirement

There’s Still Time to Save for Retirement

If you’ve fallen behind on your retirement savings, don’t sweat it. There are steps you can take to get on track.

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Inherited IRAs

Inheriting an IRA: The Rules Matter

When inheriting an IRA, it’s important to make the right moves to avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties.

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As you’re looking to generate retirement income, you might want to consider combining strategies.

3 Ways to Help Earn Potential Retirement Income

There are several ways to generate retirement income. Diversifying among them could be one consideration.

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Consolidating accounts might help make it easier to manage your portfolio.

How Many Investment Accounts? Let Your Plan Be Your Guide

How many investment accounts do you need? That’s a trick question. It depends largely on your financial goals.

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When saving for retirement, focus on your goals

As You Look Toward Retirement, Keep Your Goals in Mind

Keeping your retirement goals top of mind is key to keeping your strategy on track, regardless of your age.

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Consider objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance when building your portfolio.

3 Questions to Ask in Building Your Portfolio

Portfolio management can be challenging between determining risk tolerance, financial goals and length of time needed.

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The Elliott Wave Principle can help traders understand human behavior in the markets.

Understanding the Psychology of Stock Traders

The Elliott Wave Principle is a tool that can help explain the effects of human behavior on the stock market.

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Small changes to buying habits can reap long-term rewards.

7 Small Tweaks That Can Help Bring Big Savings

As you consider your long-term financial goals, don’t forget to consider the impact of even small purchases you make today.

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It’s important to know the right time to begin taking retirement benefits.

6 Considerations Before Drawing from Your Retirement Funds

Determining the best time to begin taking retirement assets can help set you up for a comfortable financial future.

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Here are important steps to consider when setting investing goals.

4 Steps to Setting Smart Investing Goals

Before you can achieve success in your financial portfolio, you should consider setting clearly defined investing goals. 

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You should be careful before investing in stocks with the highest dividend yields.

Don't Be Faked Out by High Dividend Yield

What should you keep in mind when considering dividend-paying stocks? Focusing on yield alone could be a problem.

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Many use Dow Theory to help determine the direction of the economy.

How Dow Theory Might Help Improve Trading

Dow Theory looks at the trends of key financial indexes to provide an overall direction of where the markets and economy are heading.

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Saving for retirement and college education can be an investment challenge.

Balancing Act: Saving for Retirement and Higher Education

Saving for retirement while funding a child’s higher education can be a delicate balance. Here’s what to keep in mind.

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Compounding can benefit your portfolio.

Compounding: How Savings and Time Can Add Up

Compounding offers the opportunity to help you build wealth, or, if you’re not careful, can lead to significant financial problems.

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Candlestick charts can be a valuable source of information in your trading strategy.

Candlesticks Can Shed Light on Market Emotion

Candlestick charts can help to determine the emotion of traders and can be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal.

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Bonds come in many varieties, making them a core asset allocation component in many portfolios.

Does Your Portfolio Have Room for Bonds?

Bonds are considered lower risk than stocks. But they come in many varieties, making them a core holding in many portfolios.

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Why Taxes Should Be Part of Your Investing Plan

It Adds Up: Why Taxes Matter to Investors

You certainly can’t avoid taxes, but you can develop strategies that may minimize their impact on your investment returns.

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How to Plan for Retirement During Your Working Years

The Long Run: Retirement Planning Across Your Career

Life changes as you grow older. That’s why you should be prepared to adjust your financial planning for retirement.

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Bollinger Bands® Can Help Confirm Trade Decisions

How Bollinger Bands® Can Help With Trading Decisions

Bollinger Bands® are often combined with other indicators to provide more clarity to a potential trade set-up.

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Understanding Derivatives and How They Work

Are Derivatives Right for Your Trading Strategy?

Derivatives can be used by traders for low-cost access to a variety of securities; but they also come with a variety of risks. 

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Where Social Media and Stock Trading Intersect

How Can Social Media Help Your Trading?

Social media can help you connect to millions of people with trading ideas and insights on stock you follow. But you also need to be cautious.

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Get to Know More About Efficient Markets

What You Should Know About Efficient Markets

The efficient market hypothesis suggests that it is nearly impossible to beat the average movement of stocks and bonds over the long term.

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4 Steps to Help Get Your Portfolio Just Right

How Can You Build a Goldilocks Portfolio?

Applying a few tactics could help you build a long-term investment portfolio that’s just right for you.

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How to save for short- and long-term goals

Prioritize Your Saving to Plan for Life Events

Organizing your savings plan to reach short-, mid- and long-term goals can help you cover everyday expenses and prepare for big milestones.

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How to Get Back on Retirement Savings Course

Falling Behind? How to Get Back on the Retirement Path

So, you’re feeling behind on saving for retirement. The good news is that you can do a lot whether you’re in your 40s, 50s or even 60s.

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The Fed and the Markets: What It Might Mean for You

How the Fed Can Impact Your Portfolio

The Fed’s effect on interest rates isn’t the only way it can impact the markets and your portfolio. What should you be watching for?

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Follow the latest market activity with these 7 trading tools

Prepare for Your Next Trade With These 7 Tools

Learn about the latest trading tools available at Scottrade to help you follow and react to market activity.

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Get ready for Social Security with these considerations

When Is It Time to Begin Taking Social Security?

Planning your Social Security withdrawals as part of a larger effort to manage your nest egg can be crucial to meeting your retirement goals. 

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Avoid These Foolish Trading and Investing Decisions

Don't Be a Fool with Your Money: Avoid These Mistakes

Whether you’re a long-term investor or active trader, every financial plan needs rules to help you recognize and avoid foolish decisions.

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American Depositary Receipts and International Investing

How ADRs Can Help You Diversify Internationally

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) can provide you with exposure to foreign companies and help diversify your investing portfolio. 

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Help Improve Your Trade Research by Analyzing Chart Patterns

Learn How to Analyze Chart Patterns for Your Next Trade

Learn how chart patterns and market indicators can potentially help traders find an edge in technical analysis.

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Understand How Mutual Fund Fees Affect Your Portfolio

How Do Mutual Fund Fees Affect Your Portfolio?

Investing fees can affect your returns. Learn about some common fees associated with mutual funds.

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What to consider with IPOs.

When an IPO Hits What Should You Consider?

While you’re thinking about if and how new stock IPOs fit into your portfolio, here are a few things you may want to consider.

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Don't Leave Trading to Chance; Consider These Skills

Make Your Own Luck With These Trading Skills

You can mitigate your reliance on luck in the market by improving your knowledge of a few trading tools and skills.

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Can Active and Passive Coexist in Your Portfolio?

Active vs. Passive Investing: Can Both Coexist?

Maybe the right question to ask about active vs. passive investing is whether it might make sense to do both at the same time?

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Money Can't Buy Love, but Couples Need to Talk Finances

Dollars and Sense: Financial Planning for Couples

Life as a couple means twice as many financial considerations. Even non-married couples should consider the financial impact to their relationship.

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When Is It Time to Retire?

Count Down to Retirement With These Steps

When should you retire? Check out some of the financial milestones to help you determine your ideal retirement scenario.

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What Factors to Consider for Your IRA

Roth vs. Traditional IRA: Your Choice

Deciding what type of IRA fits your needs is an important step in retirement planning. Check out the differences between Roth and Traditional IRAs.

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Learn How to Track Your Portfolio by the Economic Cycle

Track the Economic Cycle with Sector Rotation

Learn how the economic cycle can help you evaluate when to rotate market sectors in your trading strategy.

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Stock sell-offs and rallies often march together

Learn How to Back Your Beliefs with Social Investing

If you want to apply your ethical beliefs to your financial goals, there are tools and tactics that can help.

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Budgeting Tips to Help Fix a Holiday Spending Hangover

Kick off the new year with some guidelines for a tighter budget in 2017.

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2016 Market Year in Review: Zombie Market Couldn’t be Killed

One thing is striking about 2016: The market showed resilience. Despite more than a few surprises, the market couldn’t be killed off.

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How to Time Your Trades in a Stock

A Tool That Can Help You Time Your Trade

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) can be useful in deciding when to enter or exit a position in a security.

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Rising Rates: What Does it Mean for You?

How Higher Interest Rates Can Impact Your Portfolio

With the Fed announcing a small increase in interest rates, we look at what the impact could be on you and your portfolio.

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Stock sell-offs and rallies often march together

Focus on the Long-Term When Stocks Go South

Selling securities during a market downturns can be more risky than staying invested.

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2 Tools to Keep Your Portfolio on Track

2 Tools to Help Keep Your Portfolio on Track

Asset allocation and diversification offer a long-term strategy for helping you reach your investing goals and manage your risk.

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Rising Rates: What Does it Mean for You?

What Should You Know About Fed and Interest Rates?

Watching what the Fed does with interest rates makes sense given the potential economic impact. But what is the impact of interest rates on you and your portfolio?

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The Promise and Pitfalls of Margin Trading

Planning and regular monitoring are important in successful margin trading and avoiding its downsides.

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Don’t Let Politics Guide Your Investing Plan

In an Uncertain Market, Vote for Your Investing Plan

Following the election, it likely makes sense to focus on your investing plan because that’s the only thing you can control.

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Beware: Investor Overconfidence Can Trap You

4 Illusions That May Impair Your Investing Decisions

Investors, beware! Your mind could be playing tricks on you. Learn how to avoid some common behavioral traps.

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The importance of building and maintaining a budget

Budgeting: Building a Plan for Your Finances

Budgeting can help keep you out of financial holes and help ensure your money is spent in ways worthwhile to you.

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Covered Calls in options trading

Covered Calls as a Hedging and Income Strategy

Covered calls provide a potential income opportunity from trading options, but they involve risk and might not be suitable for all investors.

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Building and maintaining an emergency fund

Save for a Rainy Day: The Importance of Emergency Funds

An emergency fund can help you weather life’s unexpected costs while maintaining your financial health.

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Planning for and surviving market corrections

Understanding and Responding to Market Corrections

A key to weathering – and potentially profiting from – a market correction is planning and implementation.

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Mixing Politics and Your Portfolio

Election Warning: Mix Politics, Portfolio at Your Peril

There are almost an endless variety of election-related actions that can move the markets quickly. The worst reaction is to panic.

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Take the Emotion Out of Buy and Sell Decisions

Take the Emotion Out of Trading

A reasoned trading plan can help you overcome your emotions and add discipline to your buy and sell decisions.

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Long puts in options trading

Using Stock Downturns to Your Advantage With Long Puts

Buying puts can be an effective strategy to help protect your financial assets in a market downturn, however there are risks.

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Extended hours trading

What Is Extended Hours Trading? Get the Basics

Learn about extended hours trading at Scottrade and how trading differs outside normal market hours.

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Trading Terms

Street Lingo: How to Talk like a Trader

To help increase your market knowledge, learn some common slang, jargon and terminology used by active traders.

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Self-Employed Can Consider These 401(k) Alternatives

Self-employed individuals have access to tax-advantaged retirement plans designed specifically for them.

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Path of an online order

Anatomy of an Order

What happens after you place an order online? Learn where your order travels on its way to execution.

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Saving for college with an education savings account.

Saving for College: How to Get Started

There are a variety of education savings accounts available to help defray the cost of higher education, each with distinct advantages.

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Long calls in options trading

Long Calls: A Way to Leverage Your Investment

Using long calls as an option trading strategy can help you turn a larger profit if a stock price increases. However, it may result in the loss of the premium.  

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Diversification and Asset Allocation in Volatile Markets

Brexit: A Lesson in Diversification and Asset Allocation

Keeping a portfolio with a healthy mix of assets that are properly diversified may allow you to weather market shocks more easily.

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Consider focusing on these key figures in a company’s quarterly earnings to measure performance.

7 Keys to Reviewing an Earnings Report

Quarterly earnings reports can be long and dense, but several key indicators can help decipher a company’s financial health and trajectory.

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Brexit: What It Could Mean for Your Portfolio

Brexit: What Does it Mean?

How might the U.K. leaving the EU affect your investment portfolio? Review your investments now.

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Client-first approach to financial services

Clients First: It’s Our Mission at Scottrade

Scottrade Brokerage President Peter deSilva was drawn to the firm by its client-first approach. This approach was demonstrated with the company named “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Self-Directed Services” by J.D. Power.

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Investing and Saving by Millennials

Scottrade Survey: Millennials Make Investing a Regular Thing

Millennials invest money more regularly than older generations, according to Scottrade’s 2016 American Investor Report.

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Selling a cash-secured put is an options strategy that some traders utilize to help generate income, but it involves certain risks.

Using Cash-Secured Puts to Help Generate Income

Selling a cash-secured put is an options strategy that some traders utilize to help generate income, but it involves certain risks. 

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It’s important to periodically look at your portfolio and keep it on track.

Mid-Year Portfolio Review: Are You Staying on Track?

The mid-year point is a good opportunity to examine your portfolio to determine if it’s on track to help meet your financial goals.

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You can reinvest dividends into just about any kind of equity with FRIP.

Getting Flexible with Dividend Reinvestment

With Scottrade’s Flexible Reinvestment Program, you can invest dividends commission-free into just about any kind of equity.

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Check out some of the trading and investing tools offered by Scottrade.

7 Tools to Help Make Trading and Investing Easier

A wide variety of tools can help you make better trading decisions. 

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Here’s what to consider when something throws your retirement plans off track.

Retirement Course Change: What’s Next?

Don’t let life changes negatively affect your plans for retirement. Be prepared to adjust your retirement savings when changes happen.  

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The importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated.

Financial Literacy: Take Control of Your Money

Financial literacy can be crucial to keep your money situation stable and to build wealth.  

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What to do with your tax refund.

You Got Your Tax Refund; Now What?

While many people use their tax refunds for a vacation or a big screen TV, you may want to consider more long-term financial priorities.  

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Scottrade looks at investors and their plans for retirement.

Generation Gap Hits Retirement Expectations

Investors across different age groups want similar retirements, but younger generations believe they’ll have to work part-time in retirement to achieve it. 

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IRAs can help you save for retirement. Learn more about them.

IRA ABCs: What You Need to Know

IRAs can be a critical component of an individual’s retirement strategy.

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Consider several ways to help automate your investing plan.

How to Automate Your Investing Plan

Are you looking to reduce the stress from routine investing tasks? Consider several ways to help automate your investing plan.

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A portfolio management tool can help keep your investments aligned to your financial goals.

Is Your Portfolio in a Good Spot? This Tool Can Help

If your investment portfolio isn’t managed correctly, you’re more likely to miss your financial goals. A portfolio management tool can help.

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4 questions couples can ask about planning their financial lives.

Couples Financial Planning: 4 Questions to Ask

If you’ve decided to integrate finances with your significant other, consider asking some key questions to avoid future problems.

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Learn some ways to determine how much to save for retirement.

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

How much should you be saving for retirement? Scottrade presents some general concepts that may be worth looking into.  

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How should you react to the recent market volatility?

What to Make of Recent Market Volatility?

The markets had a rough first week, in part due to declines in China’s market. What does that mean for your investment portfolio?

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Review the strategies for financial planning at each stage of life

How to Save Throughout Your Life

Saving money at every stage of life can help you prepare for retirement and financial security.  

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Starting your retirement savings plan early could yield big benefits.

Retirement: The Importance of Starting to Save Early

When it comes to saving for your golden years, the earlier the start, the more money – and security – you’ll likely have when you’re ready to retire.

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Learn about the steps to rolling over a 401k or IRA.

4 Steps to Rolling Over an IRA or 401(k)

Learn about rolling over a 401k or IRA to a Traditional or Roth IRA with Scottrade.  

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Roth vs. Traditional IRA

Roth vs. Traditional IRA: Your Choice

Deciding what type of IRA fits your needs is an important step in retirement planning..

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Scottrade offers a variety of ways to invest in international stocks and bonds.

Investing Overseas? Consider the Pros, Cons

International investments can be a nice addition to a portfolio, but you should consider a wide range of factors.   

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Saving money in 2016: From IRAs to emergency funds.

Saving Money in 2016: Where to Start

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to save more money in 2016, Scottrade offers a variety of avenues to help you get started.   

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Several factors can help you determine what investments to trade during tax loss harvesting.

2015 Market Year in Review: Oil, China and Interest Rates – Oh My

2015 was like driving a car around the block on a bumpy road: lots of drama, but not a lot of payoff. We’ll review key market events from the year.

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Several factors can help you determine what investments to trade during tax loss harvesting.

Tax Loss Harvesting: What to Consider Dumping?

Figuring out what to sell and what to hold during tax loss harvesting can be tricky, but several factors can help lead you to make more informed choices.

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From stock screeners to technical analysis, Scottrade offers a wide variety of tools.

7 Tools to Help Get Your Portfolio on Track

As you’re building your portfolio, you’ll probably rely on a number of tools to manage your investments. We outline a few popular ones. 

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Santa Claus Rally: Reality or Myth?

Santa Claus Rally: Reality or Myth?

There may be reasons that stocks generally perform a little better during the holiday season, but it’s important to not read too much into past rallies.

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Identify market momentum and seize your moment

Can Momentum Shift Your Portfolio Decisions?

By monitoring trend and momentum in the market you can potentially build a portfolio around a momentum investing strategy.

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Tax loss harvesting may help you lower your tax bill.

Can Tax Loss Harvesting Help Offset Gains?

Tax loss harvesting, which involves strategically selling underperforming assets, may help you when it’s time to pay your taxes.

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Rather than worrying about stock market swings, consider taking some steps to prepare yourself for them.

Don’t Fear Market Volatility, Prepare for It

Investors’ ability to tolerate market volatility is part of understanding market risk. Portfolio diversification can help investors protect their investments.

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Old-fashioned? Maybe, but mutual funds can help you meet your retirement goals.

How Mutual Funds Can Work for Your Retirement

They’re not sexy, but there are practical reasons why you would consider making mutual funds a core part of your retirement savings plan.

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The path to retirement will come with its setbacks as well as opportunities.

Navigating the Road to Retirement

Throughout your life, you will experience financial setbacks as well as opportunities. Make sure to remain focused on saving and planning for retirement.

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Is it time to consider whether you need to bring in an investment advisor?

Do You Need a Financial Professional? 4 Questions to Ask

As your financial goals get more complicated, you should consider whether you need portfolio management help.

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ETFs are no longer associated just with passive investing.

Active vs. Passive ETFs: What to Look For

Exchange-traded funds continue to evolve beyond their plain vanilla roots. We compare actively managed and passively managed ETFs.

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You can consider a range of solutions to help you save for retirement and other financial goals.

Pay Yourself Today and Start Planning for Tomorrow

You can consider a range of solutions to help you save for retirement and other financial goals.

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How Do You Imagine Retirement?

How Do You Imagine Retirement?

Visualize the lifestyle you want in retirement to help shape your current financial strategy.

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Should market volatility scare you away from investing in stocks?

October Fright: What Volatility Might Mean to You

October has seen more than its share of market volatility. What does that mean for your investment portfolio, both short-term and long-term?

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Learn about 5 ways to help diversify your portfolio using asset allocation models.

5 Models to Help Diversify Your Portfolio

Learn about 5 ways to help diversify your portfolio with asset allocation models.


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How the Past Can Help Inform Your Investing Future

Investors who understand what happened in the past in the markets might be better prepared to handle market volatility and hiccups in the future.

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Investment fees could have an impact on your portfolio

As You Build a Portfolio, Keep an Eye on Fees

As you build your investment portfolio, it might make sense to understand what fees you’re paying and how they might affect returns.

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5 Variables to Consider in Asset Management

One of the crucial components for long-term investing is deciding how to divvy up investments in broad categories like stocks, bonds and cash.

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Investors to Young People: ‘Learn to Budget’

What do young people need to learn most about handling their finances? A survey of Scottrade investors says it starts with budgeting.

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There are a few reasons why you should pay attention when a company splits its stock.

What a Stock Split Really Means to You

Stock splits don’t change the market value of a company. But there are a few reasons why they might have an impact on investors.

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ETFs and mutual funds can both offer instant diversification.

8 Ways to Compare Mutual Funds and ETFs

Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds can offer instant diversification and professional management for your portfolio. We help you compare these two investment types.

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Earnings reports are oftentimes the only way you can look inside a company.

3 Ways an Earnings Report Can Tell a Company’s Story

Earnings reports tell stories that can provide crucial insights. You just have to know where to look to find numbers that might affect stock price.

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Analyzing the trend of a security or sector can help your technical analysis.

Spotting the Trend Can Keep Your Trading on Track

Understanding the trend of a stock or security can be a building block for technical analysis. You can use tools to help spot trends.

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After you’ve set up your investment strategy, periodically monitoring your portfolio might make sense.

You've Got an Investment Plan, But Are You Monitoring It?

If you’ve set up an investment portfolio that aligns with your financial goals, you might want to consider monitoring it periodically.

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Interest rates can have a profound impact on the economy, but what about your portfolio?

How Interest Rates Can Impact Your Portfolio

Watching what the Fed does with interest rates makes sense, given the potential economic impact. But what is the impact of interest rates on you and your portfolio?

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Scottrade offers a number of tools on the ScottradeELITE® platform that can help you find trading opportunities.

Tools You Can Use to Help Find Your Next Trade

Finding solid trading opportunities can be a daunting task. At Scottrade, we offer quite a few tools that can help.

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A few types of accounts can help you save for education.

3 Ways to Get Started Saving for Education

Saving for education, for children, yourself or others, can seem pretty daunting. But there are a few types of accounts that can help.

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You can understand how much risk you have in your portfolio by learning more about the beta and standard deviation of your investments.

You Know Risk and Volatility, But Can You Measure Them?

Even though you might have a pretty good idea how much risk you’re willing to take in your portfolio, do you know how to measure it?

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A sector rotation strategy involves determining which sectors might outperform others.

Rotating Sectors: Diversification With a Tilt

Performance among sectors can vary greatly. With a sector rotation strategy, your goal is to invest in sectors that typically perform well under existing economic conditions.

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Is your portfolio still on track to meet your financial goals? It might be time to make sure.

5 Action Items to Consider for Your Portfolio Review

If it’s been a while since you reviewed your portfolio, it might be time to look at whether you’re still on track to meet your financial goals. Here are five action items that might help.

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5 Questions You May Have When Opening an Investment Account

Opening a new investment account is a major financial decision. We’re here to help with five answers to frequently asked questions during the process.

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Keep your portfolio aligned with your goals

Is Your Portfolio Working For You?

It can be difficult to keep your portfolio aligned with your financial goals. Understanding a few tactics might help.

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An IRA rollover or transfer could help you take control of your retirement goals.

IRA Rollover: Help Take Control Over Your Retirement

Whether you’re four years from retirement or 40, there are steps you can take to help get control over your retirement goals and planning.

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Even a small deviation from earnings expectations can have a large impact on a stock’s share price.

Are You Ready for Earnings Suprises?

When earnings expectations deviate from expectations, it can have a large impact on a stock’s price. A few tactics can help prepare you for surprises.

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As you plan for retirement, focus on what you can control.

7 Retirement Philosophies for Today's Investor

As you’re planning for retirement, it can be easy to become distracted for unforeseen events. Try, instead, to focus on what you can control.

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Here are steps you can take in 2015 to plan for retirement

8 Steps Today to Help Plan for Your Retirement Tomorrow

You might spend more than 30 years building up retirement savings. But you can take some steps in 2015 to help your plans along.

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How Dividends Affect Stock Price

How Dividends Affect Stock Price

If your investing strategy is based around income generation, you may tend to favor companies that issue dividends. And why wouldn’t you like a little extra payout now and then? But, before you pick your investments, it’s important to understand how dividends fit into your portfolio and why they matter to the market.

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Find the Right Moment

Market Timing Strategies

Spotting a market trend and finding the right time to get in and out of it are both part of an active trading strategy. Successfully achieving those goals requires you to find a trade setup that conforms to your rules, determine an entry point, know the right amount of funds to apply to your trade, and exit without taking a loss you’re unprepared for.

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How earnings affect stock prices

5 Ways Earning Affect Stock Prices

Earnings season is a busy time in the markets because of how earnings results impact stock prices. Analysts, investors and traders all look for bits of information that might assist them in making informed decisions about the companies they follow.

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