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    Our Investment Consultants will spend as much time with you as it takes to fully understand your needs and help determine the right solutions for you. Learn about historical trends in asset allocation, diversification and market/portfolio performance.

  • No Proprietary Securities

    We don’t have proprietary securities and we won’t limit your investment choices. Our priority is you.

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    Visit us in branch locations all across the country to get a personalized, face-to-face interaction. Our standard is taking care of our clients.

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    Plan your retirement with managed accounts and access to independent advisors.

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At Scottrade, you have access to a wide variety of investment products.

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You pay just $6.95 for online equity trades for securities priced $1 and above
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    We don’t hide our commissions, and you’ll know what you pay right away.

  • Screen Investments Ahead of Time

    Search and filter mutual funds and ETFs by load type and transaction fee.

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Choose the Right Partner

When you consider a firm to invest with — either for your first investment account or an additional one — there are some important questions to consider before you take the plunge.

  • Scottrade does not offer proprietary securities. We believe offering choice and transparency into what is already available in the marketplace is most important. Contrary to many competitors, you can select solutions based solely on what’s best for you.

    Scottrade does offer a bank sweep program, which provides clients with FDIC coverage on cash balances held in their brokerage accounts. Two affiliates of Scottrade’s parent company are banks in this program. Clients may elect to use this feature in their self-directed accounts and determine for themselves if it is the right solution for their individual situation. Clients are notified of their participation in the program, and may opt out at any time.

  • Scottrade Investment Consultants receive base compensation and are eligible for additional compensation based on client assets and service. They do not provide and therefore do not receive compensation for individual security recommendations. If a client is suited for a referral to our registered investment advisor, Scottrade Investment Management, an Investment Consultant may be eligible for additional compensation, but the solutions presented by SIM are always based on what is right for the client and the client makes the final decision. As a fiduciary, Scottrade Investment Management always acts in a clients’ best interest.

  • If you are in a self-directed account, you decide how and when to rebalance, and commission costs may apply. Scottrade provides tools like the Portfolio Review Tool to help you know when to rebalance.

    For clients who have been referred to a registered investment advisor through Advisor Access, the advisor would rebalance clients’ accounts as appropriate, and commissions may be charged.

    For Guidance Solutions Managed Accounts, independent portfolio managers rebalance as they deem appropriate, based upon market conditions. The portfolio managers’ compensation is not based upon the number of transactions in your portfolio. Clients do not incur any additional commission costs in a Guidance Solutions managed account as a result of rebalancing; those costs are included in the overall management fee.

  • Scottrade’s business model continues to support the current regulatory environment and no major changes are planned. We are continually taking steps to ensure we are in compliance with all relevant regulations, and to that end, we are adding information to our website and our retirement account agreement to further clarify areas impacted by regulatory changes. We welcome these enhanced industry-wide regulations because this brings transparency to investors everywhere.

  • Scottrade brokerage has not been held to either standard, because we have not made securities recommendations. When the Department of Labor fiduciary rule takes effect, Scottrade brokerage will serve as a fiduciary when making recommendations to clients regarding the rollover or transfer of a retirement account.

    Scottrade Investment Management, a registered investment advisor through which we offer managed accounts and referrals to registered investment advisors, will continue to be a fiduciary for all account types.

  • Scottrade was founded on a belief of doing the right thing for clients. Our Investment Consultants are trained to help their clients and we built our compensation structure with that goal in mind. In the future, when the fiduciary rule takes effect, we will deliver a written notice communicating that Scottrade will act in clients’ best interests when we make a recommendation regarding a rollover or transfer of retirement account assets. For non-retirement accounts, clients who use products and services from Scottrade Investment Management can be assured they are working with a fiduciary that must act in their best interests. For self-directed non-retirement accounts, Scottrade Investment Consultants are there to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

  • Scottrade’s Brokerage Commissions & Fees schedule can be found on this simple one-page document.

    The management fee charged on Guidance Solutions Managed Accounts is inclusive of all fees charged and can be found in the Scottrade Investment Management Brochure.

    Clients who are referred to a third-party registered investment advisor through Scottrade Investment Management should ask these same questions of their advisor. As a fiduciary, a registered investment advisor is required to act in their clients’ best interests.

Guidance Solutions from Scottrade Investment Management and Advisor Access from Scottrade Investment Management are investment advisory services offered by Scottrade Investment Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Brokerage products and services offered by Scottrade, Inc. - Member FINRA and SIPC, while advisory services are provided by Scottrade Investment Management, Inc. This is not an offer or solicitation for brokerage services, investment advisory services, or other products or services in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business or where such offer or solicitation would be contrary to the securities laws or other local laws of that jurisdiction. Scottrade, Inc. and Scottrade Investment Management, Inc. are separate entities but are affiliated subsidiaries of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation.

Blackrock, Inc. provides certain investment management services to the Guidance Solutions from Scottrade Investment Management accounts, and is not affiliated with Scottrade Investment Management.

Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services LLC (“SPIAS”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of S&P Global Inc., and a part of the S&P Global Market Intelligence division. SPIAS provides certain investment management services to the Guidance Solutions from Scottrade Investment Management accounts, and is not affiliated with Scottrade Investment Management.

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