Secure Online Investing & Identity Theft Protection

Take Control of Your Safety

At Scottrade, we take security seriously and use a variety of measures to protect your personal information and accounts. We keep all customer information confidential and maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect against unauthorized access to your information.

Immediately Report Lost or Stolen Debit and Credit Cards

As soon as you are aware of the theft or loss of your banking, debit or credit cards, you should immediately contact the card issuer. To report the loss of Scottrade issued cards, please contact the following:

  • To report a lost or stolen Scottrade Bank MasterCard debit card, call (800) 500-1044
  • To report a lost or stolen Scottrade Brokerage Visa debit card, call (800) 449-9176

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft is the theft of your personal information, which is then used to commit fraud. Account numbers, Social Security numbers and other pieces of personal information can all be used to commit fraud. Take the time to learn about identity theft and reduce the risk of having your personal information stolen and used without your knowledge.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself

Protecting your identity is ultimately within your control. Here’s a security checklist to guard your information online:

  1. Use Anti-virus Software 
    Anti-virus software protects your system from viruses and Trojan horse programs which can capture and send information found on your system without your consent.

  2. Use a Personal Firewall 
    Personal firewalls can be either hardware (a device) or software and protect your computer by preventing connections to it from the Internet.

  3. Use Your Own Computer
    Publicly accessible computers such as those found at kiosks, libraries, and Internet cafes are typically more vulnerable to viruses and other malicious software which may record your username, account number and password.

  4. Use Encryption When Available
    Encryption secures information and prevents it from being read by potential fraudsters.  Keeping your browser and operating system up to date and using the strongest encryption available will help prevent fraud.

  5. Create a Safe, Hard-to-Guess Password
    Don’t write down or share your password. It should be difficult to guess, mixing capital and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Change it periodically.

  6. Protect Your Account Number 
     Do not share your account number with anyone.

  7. Keep Your Operating System and Browser Updated 
    Regularly download security updates and patches for your personal computer. Keep your Internet browser up-to-date to utilize the most current security technologies.

  8. Ensure Third-Party Applications Are Up-to-Date
    It is also important to download updates to any third-party applications installed on your personal computer (such as Java, Adobe Reader, iTunes, etc.) on a regular basis to protect from application-based vulnerabilities. 

  9. Review Your Financial History Regularly 
    Regularly monitor statement and transaction history for all financial accounts as well as your credit report. Notify us immediately of any unauthorized activity.

  10. Report Suspected Fraud
    Notify us immediately to report suspicious activity. You should also notify the Federal Trade Commission and the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Corp.


Learn More about Financial Identity Theft Protection

If you encounter fraudulent activity related to your Scottrade account, we provide protection and reimbursement through our Online Security Guarantee.

Take control of your safety by using the Scottrade Identity Theft Resource Center to learn how you can prevent becoming a financial identity theft victim. For information about ATM/Debit Card safety, please see our online banking pages regarding ATM use and security. Continue to the Security Center to learn how to identify the signs of identity theft and how Scottrade protects its investors.

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