What's New in ScottradeElite?





ScottradeELITE screen

4 New Features

1. Market Movers Window

  • Spot potential buy or sell opportunities with the ability to quickly identify stocks hitting new highs and lows intraday
  • See when securities surpass their 52-week high/low range
  • Access the new Market Movers window from the Research drop-down menu





Market Movers

2. Note-Taking in Your Watch List Window

  • Add the Notes column to your Watch Lists window
  • Track new ideas or entry and exit targets, and record important market events right on your screen





Scottrade Notes

3. An Easier Way to Customize Your Order Ticket

  • Change the style of your order ticket to make it easier to use based on your preferences
  • Open the Configure setting from the Order Entry window and choose your order ticket style using the drop-down menu highlighted in the image below





Configure Order Ticket

4. Export Chart Data to Excel

  • Save chart records on your PC as historical data that can be used for future comparisons





Export Chart Data to Excel

As a reminder, here are a few of the new features we added in March:

Multiple Symbol Comparison: Analyze up to 10 symbols on the same chart with a visual comparison of price trends

The Greeks: Use the Greeks to see theoretical measurements of an option’s sensitivity to changes in price, volatility and time

Yahoo! Finance Headlines: See headlines from Yahoo! Finance in our News drop-down menu

Recent Updates

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