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You know that accurate information delivered on a timely basis is key to successfully managing your financial strategy. Now you can stay on top of the market with real-time Dow Jones News updates and stock quotes available in the fully-customizable Scottrader® Streaming Quotes platform.

Build a trading platform to suit your trading style and strategy. Create a look-and-feel that appeals to you with adjustable font sizes, color themes and layout settings while adding real-time streaming charts, Top 10 lists or live news updates.

Scottrader also delivers instant detailed quotes that include financial, fundamental and technical information for the symbols of your choice.

Other key features include:

  • Advanced Charting – Analyze up-to-the-minute price and volume patterns with the help of more than 30
        different technical indicators and trend lines.
  • Watch Lists – Monitor an unlimited number of securities using your custom lists or set up alerts that notify
        you as soon as a security you’re monitoring meets your customized criteria.
  • Active Ticker – Stay connected as symbols from your watch lists automatically scroll at the speed you
  • Advanced Order Entry – Set up provisional trade commands, such as conditional orders, one cancels
        other (OCO) or one cancels all (OCA).
  • Market Movers – Track the market’s current top gainers and losers.
  • Cost Basis – Monitor your cost basis activity with direct access to the Gain/Loss & Tax Center located in
        your Scottrade brokerage account.


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