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Completing Forms (choose one of the following):

1. Complete the form electronically, print it and sign the printed form. Forms completed electronically may be saved to your computer. Please physically sign any form that requires a signature. An electronic signature cannot be accepted.
2. Print the form and complete it by hand. Sign the printed form.

Submitting Forms (choose one of the following):

1.  Mail or deliver the completed form to your local branch office.
2. Scan and email the completed form to

These forms are used for common account activities and updates, including transferring assets, linking accounts and adding new
features such as margin.


Account Linking Request (PDF)

Allows a primary authorized account holder access and trading capabilities in secondary accounts. Only non-professional accounts may be linked, which include individual, joint, custodial, and all types of IRAs and Trusts.

Account Transfer Form (PDF)

Transfer assets from an account at another firm into your Scottrade account.

Authorization to Transfer Cash/Securities (PDF)

Transfer cash and/or securities to another account using this form.

Authorization to Transfer a Contribution (PDF)

Contribute to your IRA or ESA account by making a transfer from another Scottrade Account.

Authorization to Wire Brokerage Funds (PDF)

Wire funds out of your Scottrade account to a bank or other financial institution. A $25.00 fee applies to domestic wire transfers and a $40.00 fee applies to international wire transfers.

Contact Information Update (PDF)

Change an address, email or phone number for one or more of your accounts.

IRA Distribution Request (PDF)

This form should be used by the beneficial owner of a Traditional, Rollover, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA to request distributions from the account.

Margin Application (PDF)

Add margin trading to an existing account. Trading on margin is the practice of buying securities with money borrowed from the brokerage firm.

Options Application (PDF)

Request options trading for a new or existing account. Custodial accounts and qualified retirement plans (excluding IRAs) are limited to covered call writing.

Signature Page (PDF)

For accounts opened online, a physical signature is required to perform certain account activities such as wire transfers, IRA distributions and account linking.

Trading Authorization/Disable Trading Authorization (PDF)

Trading Authorization appoints and authorizes an individual of your choice to act on your behalf for your account. The Disable Trading Authorization option revokes a current trade authorization.

Transfer On Death Agreement (TOD Plan) (PDF)

A beneficiary plan which covers the assets in a Scottrade account upon the death of the final account holder. This plan is only available for Individual or Joint accounts.