Investment Products Available at Scottrade

A Full Line of Products to Support Your Investing Goals

Scottrade provides a wide range of investment choices to help you find the solutions you need to fit your diverse investing strategies.

Take a look at the investment products Scottrade offers today. Interactive tools and research are available online to help you make a selection to fit your investing objectives.

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Research and trade a wealth of stocks sold on all major exchanges, or check out stocks available over-the counter. Screen stocks using 47 separate criteria to find the ones that fit your investment strategies.

Whether you trade occasionally or multiple times each day, you can set up alerts, watch lists or advanced orders to help you quickly capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Considering expanding your portfolio to include options? Due to their high risk, derivatives aren’t appropriate for all investors. But if you’re ready to explore options, Scottrade provides free options trading tools and investment education.

Whether you want to learn about simple puts and calls or more complex strategies, our Scottrade Live Webinars and in-person seminars can help get you started.

Fixed Income

Whatever your fixed income needs, Scottrade’s online screening tools help you find what you want fast. And you can simplify your end-of-year tax reporting by consolidating your entire portfolio into one account.

Evaluate and invest in thousands of corporate, municipal and treasury bonds. Or choose from a wide range of FDIC-insured CDs with competitive interest rates, yields and maturities.

Mutual Funds & Exchange-Traded Funds

Mutual Funds

Access 14,500+ mutual funds, one of the largest selections available to investors. Choose from load funds, no load funds, no transaction fee funds and more.

Exchange Traded Funds

Or track various assets, commodities and indexes while limiting expense ratios with exchange-traded funds, or ETFs.

Individual Retirement Accounts & Education Savings Accounts

Prepare for retirement with Scottrade’s diverse selection of individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, all with no account opening or maintenance fees. Establish a SEP or SIMPLE Plan for your small business.

Or set money aside for a child’s education with a Coverdell ESA. There are no set-up, inactivity or annual fees.

International Investing

With Scottrade, you can trade thousands of foreign stocks from more than 20 countries. All transactions are completed in U.S. dollars and no separate account is required.

Many foreign stocks can be exchanged online for just $7 per trade and our stock screener can help you find the international securities that fit your strategy.

International investing can involve substantial risks and is not suitable for all investors. Risks include changes in currency exchange rates; political, economic and social events; potential for illiquid markets; less information; reliance on foreign legal remedies; and different market structures and operations. Investors should fully research any security or strategy before making an investment decision. Securities are subject to market fluctuation and may lose value.

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