FRIP™ Puts You in Control of Dividend Reinvestment

Pool dividends from dividend-paying equities

Most stocks and exchange-traded funds that pay dividends are eligible.

Tap the FRIPTM pool to buy, commission-free, up to five eligible* securities at a time

You’re not confined to reinvesting back into the securities that generated the dividends.


Change your FRIP™ selections at any time

That’s one of the reasons we call it flexible.

Align dividend reinvestment with your investment strategy

Incorporating commission-free flexible dividend reinvestment into your investment strategy, means you can:

  • Help rebalance your investment portfolio
  • Target a single stock or ETF
  • Utilize a set-it-and-forget-it strategy or change your reinvestment selections as often as you like
  • Dollar cost average your investments



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FRIPTM Features

FRIP features


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* Marginable equities are eligible with the Program Balance, as defined in the Flexible Reinvestment Program™ Terms and Conditions.