Long-term Strategy Articles & Insights

Gear shift: Contemplating a big change in your investment style?

Wanna Make a Radical Shift? Be Careful Changing Investing Styles

When faced with an underperforming portfolio, long-term investors can be tempted to radically shift their approach to investing. But there are many things they should stop and consider, including whether the grass is really greener on the other side. 

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Key components of rebalancing your portfolio

Rebalancing: Keeping Your Portfolio in Check

As returns on different parts of your portfolio diverge, rebalancing your portfolio can be instrumental in helping you achieve long-term goals.  

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A gainer in your investment portfolio could actually be a loser, and vice versa.

Evaluating Winning and Losing Investments: It’s All Relative

As you review investments in your portfolio, it might be important to remember that gainers might be underperforming, and a security that’s lost value might be attractive.

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Consider objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance when building your portfolio.

3 Questions to Ask in Building Your Portfolio

Portfolio management can be challenging between determining risk tolerance, financial goals and length of time needed.

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Here are important steps to consider when setting investing goals.

4 Steps to Setting Smart Investing Goals

Before you can achieve success in your financial portfolio, you should consider setting clearly defined investing goals. 

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4 Steps to Help Get Your Portfolio Just Right

How Can You Build a Goldilocks Portfolio?

Applying a few tactics could help you build a long-term investment portfolio that’s just right for you.

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How to save for short- and long-term goals

Prioritize Your Saving to Plan for Life Events

Organizing your savings plan to reach short-, mid- and long-term goals can help you cover everyday expenses and prepare for big milestones.

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Can Active and Passive Coexist in Your Portfolio?

Active vs. Passive Investing: Can Both Coexist?

Maybe the right question to ask about active vs. passive investing is whether it might make sense to do both at the same time?

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Stock sell-offs and rallies often march together

Learn How to Back Your Beliefs with Social Investing

If you want to apply your ethical beliefs to your financial goals, there are tools and tactics that can help.

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Stock sell-offs and rallies often march together

Focus on the Long-Term When Stocks Go South

Selling securities during a market downturns can be more risky than staying invested.

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2 Tools to Keep Your Portfolio on Track

2 Tools to Help Keep Your Portfolio on Track

Asset allocation and diversification offer a long-term strategy for helping you reach your investing goals and manage your risk.

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Beware: Investor Overconfidence Can Trap You

4 Illusions That May Impair Your Investing Decisions

Investors, beware! Your mind could be playing tricks on you. Learn how to avoid some common behavioral traps.

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Diversification and Asset Allocation in Volatile Markets

Brexit: A Lesson in Diversification and Asset Allocation

Keeping a portfolio with a healthy mix of assets that are properly diversified may allow you to weather market shocks more easily.

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Client-first approach to financial services

Clients First: It’s Our Mission at Scottrade

Scottrade Brokerage President Peter deSilva was drawn to the firm by its client-first approach. This approach was demonstrated with the company named “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Self-Directed Services” by J.D. Power.

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It’s important to periodically look at your portfolio and keep it on track.

Mid-Year Portfolio Review: Are You Staying on Track?

The mid-year point is a good opportunity to examine your portfolio to determine if it’s on track to help meet your financial goals.

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Consider several ways to help automate your investing plan.

How to Automate Your Investing Plan

Are you looking to reduce the stress from routine investing tasks? Consider several ways to help automate your investing plan.

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Scottrade offers a variety of ways to invest in international stocks and bonds.

Investing Overseas? Consider the Pros, Cons

International investments can be a nice addition to a portfolio, but you should consider a wide range of factors.   

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Is it time to consider whether you need to bring in an investment advisor?

Do You Need a Financial Professional? 4 Questions to Ask

As your financial goals get more complicated, you should consider whether you need portfolio management help.

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Learn about 5 ways to help diversify your portfolio using asset allocation models.

5 Models to Help Diversify Your Portfolio

Learn about 5 ways to help diversify your portfolio with asset allocation models.


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How the Past Can Help Inform Your Investing Future

Investors who understand what happened in the past in the markets might be better prepared to handle market volatility and hiccups in the future.

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Investment fees could have an impact on your portfolio

As You Build a Portfolio, Keep an Eye on Fees

As you build your investment portfolio, it might make sense to understand what fees you’re paying and how they might affect returns.

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5 Variables to Consider in Asset Management

One of the crucial components for long-term investing is deciding how to divvy up investments in broad categories like stocks, bonds and cash.

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Earnings reports are oftentimes the only way you can look inside a company.

3 Ways an Earnings Report Can Tell a Company’s Story

Earnings reports tell stories that can provide crucial insights. You just have to know where to look to find numbers that might affect stock price.

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After you’ve set up your investment strategy, periodically monitoring your portfolio might make sense.

You've Got an Investment Plan, But Are You Monitoring It?

If you’ve set up an investment portfolio that aligns with your financial goals, you might want to consider monitoring it periodically.

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Interest rates can have a profound impact on the economy, but what about your portfolio?

How Interest Rates Can Impact Your Portfolio

Watching what the Fed does with interest rates makes sense, given the potential economic impact. But what is the impact of interest rates on you and your portfolio?

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A few types of accounts can help you save for education.

3 Ways to Get Started Saving for Education

Saving for education, for children, yourself or others, can seem pretty daunting. But there are a few types of accounts that can help.

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Is your portfolio still on track to meet your financial goals? It might be time to make sure.

5 Action Items to Consider for Your Portfolio Review

If it’s been a while since you reviewed your portfolio, it might be time to look at whether you’re still on track to meet your financial goals. Here are five action items that might help.

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Keep your portfolio aligned with your goals

Is Your Portfolio Working For You?

It can be difficult to keep your portfolio aligned with your financial goals. Understanding a few tactics might help.

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How Dividends Affect Stock Price

How Dividends Affect Stock Price

If your investing strategy is based around income generation, you may tend to favor companies that issue dividends. And why wouldn’t you like a little extra payout now and then? But, before you pick your investments, it’s important to understand how dividends fit into your portfolio and why they matter to the market.

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