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Mixing Politics and Your Portfolio

Election Warning: Mix Politics, Portfolio at Your Peril

There are almost an endless variety of election-related actions that can move the markets quickly. The worst reaction is to panic.

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Brexit: What It Could Mean for Your Portfolio

Brexit: What Does it Mean?

How might the U.K. leaving the EU affect your investment portfolio? Review your investments now.

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How should you react to the recent market volatility?

What to Make of Recent Market Volatility?

The markets had a rough first week, in part due to declines in China’s market. What does that mean for your investment portfolio?

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Several factors can help you determine what investments to trade during tax loss harvesting.

2015 Market Year in Review: Oil, China and Interest Rates – Oh My

2015 was like driving a car around the block on a bumpy road: lots of drama, but not a lot of payoff. We’ll review key market events from the year.

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Santa Claus Rally: Reality or Myth?

Santa Claus Rally: Reality or Myth?

There may be reasons that stocks generally perform a little better during the holiday season, but it’s important to not read too much into past rallies.

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Rather than worrying about stock market swings, consider taking some steps to prepare yourself for them.

Don’t Fear Market Volatility, Prepare for It

Investors’ ability to tolerate market volatility is part of understanding market risk. Portfolio diversification can help investors protect their investments.

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What to consider with IPOs.

When IPOs Hit What Should You Consider?

While you’re thinking about if and how new stock IPOs fit into your portfolio, here are a few things you may want to consider.

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Should market volatility scare you away from investing in stocks?

October Fright: What Volatility Might Mean to You

October has seen more than its share of market volatility. What does that mean for your investment portfolio, both short-term and long-term?

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There are a few reasons why you should pay attention when a company splits its stock.

What a Stock Split Really Means to You

Stock splits don’t change the market value of a company. But there are a few reasons why they might have an impact on investors.

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Even a small deviation from earnings expectations can have a large impact on a stock’s share price.

Are You Ready for Earnings Suprises?

When earnings expectations deviate from expectations, it can have a large impact on a stock’s price. A few tactics can help prepare you for surprises.

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