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Investing and Saving by Millennials

Scottrade Survey: Millennials Make Investing a Regular Thing

Millennials invest money more regularly than older generations, according to Scottrade’s 2016 American Investor Report.

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Compounding can benefit your portfolio.

Compounding: How Savings and Time Can Add Up

Compounding offers the opportunity to help you build wealth, or, if you’re not careful, can lead to significant financial problems.

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The importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated.

Financial Literacy: Take Control of Your Money

Financial literacy can be crucial to keep your money situation stable and to build wealth.  

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Small changes to buying habits can reap long-term rewards.

7 Small Tweaks That Can Help Bring Big Savings

As you consider your long-term financial goals, don’t forget to consider the impact of even small purchases you make today.

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4 questions couples can ask about planning their financial lives.

Couples Financial Planning: 4 Questions to Ask

If you’ve decided to integrate finances with your significant other, consider asking some key questions to avoid future problems.

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Review the strategies for financial planning at each stage of life

How to Save Throughout Your Life

Saving money at every stage of life can help you prepare for retirement and financial security.  

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Saving money in 2016: From IRAs to emergency funds.

Saving Money in 2016: Where to Start

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to save more money in 2016, Scottrade offers a variety of avenues to help you get started.   

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You can consider a range of solutions to help you save for retirement and other financial goals.

Pay Yourself Today and Start Planning for Tomorrow

You can consider a range of solutions to help you save for retirement and other financial goals.

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Investors to Young People: ‘Learn to Budget’

What do young people need to learn most about handling their finances? A survey of Scottrade investors says it starts with budgeting.

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You can understand how much risk you have in your portfolio by learning more about the beta and standard deviation of your investments.

You Know Risk and Volatility, But Can You Measure Them?

Even though you might have a pretty good idea how much risk you’re willing to take in your portfolio, do you know how to measure it?

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How earnings affect stock prices

5 Ways Earning Affect Stock Prices

Earnings season is a busy time in the markets because of how earnings results impact stock prices. Analysts, investors and traders all look for bits of information that might assist them in making informed decisions about the companies they follow.

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