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3 Option Strategies for the Long-term Investor

Options can be used not just by active traders, but also by long-term investors looking to gain additional income or protect against loss.

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Saving for college with an education savings account.

How Financial Gifts Can Make Holiday Shopping Rewarding

Financial gifts can have a more long-lasting and more important impact than almost any other gift.

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Consolidating accounts might help make it easier to manage your portfolio.

How Many Investment Accounts? Let Your Plan Be Your Guide

How many investment accounts do you need? That’s a trick question. It depends largely on your financial goals.

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You should be careful before investing in stocks with the highest dividend yields.

Don't Be Faked Out by High Dividend Yield

What should you keep in mind when considering dividend-paying stocks? Focusing on yield alone could be a problem.

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Bonds come in many varieties, making them a core asset allocation component in many portfolios.

Does Your Portfolio Have Room for Bonds?

Bonds are considered lower risk than stocks. But they come in many varieties, making them a core holding in many portfolios.

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American Depositary Receipts and International Investing

How ADRs Can Help You Diversify Internationally

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) can provide you with exposure to foreign companies and help diversify your investing portfolio. 

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Understand How Mutual Fund Fees Affect Your Portfolio

How Do Mutual Fund Fees Affect Your Portfolio?

Investing fees can affect your returns. Learn about some common fees associated with mutual funds.

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Covered Calls in options trading

Covered Calls as a Hedging and Income Strategy

Covered calls provide a potential income opportunity from trading options, but they involve risk and might not be suitable for all investors.

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Long puts in options trading

Using Stock Downturns to Your Advantage With Long Puts

Buying puts can be an effective strategy to help protect your financial assets in a market downturn, however there are risks.

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Saving for college with an education savings account.

Saving for College: How to Get Started

There are a variety of education savings accounts available to help defray the cost of higher education, each with distinct advantages.

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Long calls in options trading

Long Calls: A Way to Leverage Your Investment

Using long calls as an option trading strategy can help you turn a larger profit if a stock price increases. However, it may result in the loss of the premium.  

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You can reinvest dividends into just about any kind of equity with FRIP.

Getting Flexible with Dividend Reinvestment

With Scottrade’s Flexible Reinvestment Program, you can invest dividends commission-free into just about any kind of equity.

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ETFs are no longer associated just with passive investing.

Active vs. Passive ETFs: What to Look For

Exchange-traded funds continue to evolve beyond their plain vanilla roots. We compare actively managed and passively managed ETFs.

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ETFs and mutual funds can both offer instant diversification.

8 Ways to Compare Mutual Funds and ETFs

Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds can offer instant diversification and professional management for your portfolio. We help you compare these two investment types.

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5 Questions You May Have When Opening an Investment Account

Opening a new investment account is a major financial decision. We’re here to help with five answers to frequently asked questions during the process.

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