Follow the latest market activity with these 7 trading tools

Prepare for Your Next Trade With These 7 Tools

Cultivating the right mix of market news and financial data is a constant challenge for even the most seasoned traders. Regardless of your experience level, making the most of your time is critical as you plan, execute and monitor your strategy.

“Every trading plan is unique, and having the right tools at your disposal will help you work more efficiently,” said Brian Bachelier, vice president of active trader strategy at Scottrade. “From the immediacy of social media to a detailed view of market activity, we offer a wide variety of trading tools to help you find your edge.”

Scottrade® clients use these trading tools on both Scottrader® Streaming Quotes and ScottradeELITE to help reach their financial goals:

  • Market Movers displays securities that have reached a new high or low for the current day, as well as during the past 52-week period. The list can be filtered by price range, net change and percent change.

  • Top Performers provides quick access to specific lists of stocks or options. You can review or trade securities based on activity, net winners, net losers, percentage gainers and percentage losers.

  • StockTwits® Integration delivers social media insights from Twitter about companies you’re following. Monitor the conversation through an extra column on your Watch Lists.

Recognia® Tools

In addition to the proprietary resources on our trading platforms, Scottrade offers access to several Recognia tools on Scottrader® Streaming Quotes and ScottradeELITE for additional research opportunities.

  • Value Analyzer™ can help you find stocks based on the principles of value investing. You can either screen for stocks based on certain criteria or explore a list of featured value stocks.

  • Strategy Builder™ screens stocks for opportunities based on both fundamental and technical analysis. You can explore a list of pre-built strategies from industry experts, or create and customize your own.

  • Technical Insight™ identifies both bullish and bearish events based on technical and fundamental chart pattern analysis. With the Event Lookup feature, you can search for specific securities and quickly see their technical perspectives.

Trade Ideas™ Software

ScottradeELITE® users also have access to Trade Ideas, which delivers real-time alerts to new trading opportunities that fit your strategy. Through streaming statistical and technical market analytics, Trade Ideas expedites research and optimization for active traders.

“Whether you need a quick look – or a deep dive – into the market, these tools can help simplify your process,” said Bachelier. “The less time you spend identifying opportunities gives you more time to make choices for your trading strategy.”

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