7 Tools to Help Get Your Portfolio on Track

Investors are a bit like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Every person has different risk tolerances, life circumstances and goals they want to accomplish. That’s why it’s important to have access to a wide range of financial tools.

“Different traders and investors have vastly different needs depending on what they want to accomplish financially,” said Brian Bachelier, vice president of active trader strategy at Scottrade. “No matter what your financial goals are, we provide tools to help you reach those goals.”

We spoke with experienced Scottrade® professionals to get an idea of some of the popular tools offered, as well as some of the hidden gems in the service.

Screeners: Scottrade’s screening tools can help you find stocks based on a wide range of criteria, including (but not limited to) market capitalization, sector, price/earnings growth ratio, profit margin, dividend yield and the directional movement indicator.

Charting package: More active traders might want to consider the charts available through ScottradeELITE. Traders have the opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis on stock prices using more than 50 technical indicators, and they can place, modify and view orders within the charts.

Alerts:  Scottrade offers five kinds of alerts for securities and indices: priority, account, price & news, periodic and money direct. Each of these options allows you to stay abreast of your portfolio with up-to-the-minute information.

Portfolio Review Tool: The Portfolio Review Tool has two particular features to help build your ideal portfolio. Five target models offer pre-determined asset allocations to help you pinpoint what your ideal portfolio might contain.

Third-party securities research: In addition to a wide range of market fundamentals, you can access research tools from Zacks, Thomson Reuters, Market Edge and Standard & Poor’s, providing additional insight into the markets. Morningstar reports are also available for mutual funds and ETFs.

Time and Sales:  In ScottradeELITE, you have the opportunity to pick a particular stock and see the orders that have been recently executed.

Value lookup: By analyzing a large swath of market fundamentals, the Value Lookup tool can help you determine whether a particular stock is overvalued, undervalued or about right. This tool is available for ScottradeELITE® clients though Recognia Value Analyzer™.

What tools do you think might help you build a successful portfolio?

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