Manage Bank Beneficiaries

A beneficiary is a person who will receive some or all of the assets in your account in the event of your death. While this may be an uncomfortable topic, choosing your beneficiary(ies) is an important part of financial management. To help you complete this step, Scottrade Bank offers the ability to name and manage the beneficiaries of your account online.

Add a New Beneficiary

Use this article for help setting up your first account beneficiary or for adding new beneficiaries. With the tools offered in this section, you can add multiple beneficiaries, designate a specific percentage of your account to each beneficiary and develop a comprehensive plan for taking care of your loved ones in the event of your death.

Modify or Remove Existing Beneficiaries

You can modify your beneficiary selections at any time to keep your Scottrade Bank account(s) aligned with your plans for the future. Follow the simple steps listed in this articles to make sure your money will go where you need it to.