Manage Your ATM/Debit Card(s)

Scottrade Bank offers the ability to manage the ATM/debit cards associated with your bank account(s) online to help you get fast access to your money when you need it. From the Banking tab of your account, you can:

  • Order new or replacement cards in less than five minutes.
  • Report a lost or stolen card without having to remember your card number.
  • Link multiple Scottrade Bank accounts to the same card so all your funds are easily accessible from one location.

Choose one of the sections below for help getting started.

Order a New Scottrade Bank ATM/Debit Card

If you don't have a Scottrade Bank ATM/Debit Card, you can easily order one from the Banking tab of your account. To get started, choose Account Services & Maintenance from the left menu and select Manage ATM/Debit Card(s).

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

With Scottrade Bank's online tools, you can report a lost or stolen ATM/debit card without having to remember your card number. When you select Manage ATM/Debit Card(s) under the Banking tab of your account, you'll see important information related to your card including the card's last four numbers, the card type and your name as the account holder. Next to that information, you'll see three choices – Manage Linked Accounts, Report a Card Lost or Stolen, and Order Replacement.

Add or Edit Linked Accounts

When you link and account to your ATM/debit card, you have immediate access to that account from any ATM. If you don't already have a Scottrade Bank ATM/debit card, we'll mail one to you after you finish setting up your linked accounts.