Modify or Remove Existing Beneficiaries

Hover over the Banking tab of your account, choose Account Services & Maintenance and then select Manage Beneficiaries. Next, follow these quick steps to modify or remove the beneficiary(ies) of your Scottrade Bank account(s).

  1. If you have multiple Scottrade Bank accounts, select the account you want to manage from the drop-down menu. If you have a single Scottrade Bank account, your bank account will automatically be selected.
  2. Each of your beneficiaries will be listed. Click the Modify link to edit your beneficiary's information or change the percentage of your account allocated to that beneficiary, or click Remove to delete a beneficiary from your list.

If you choose to remove a beneficiary

We'll show you the beneficiary's information, and automatically reset the percentage of your account allocated to that beneficiary to zero. To confirm the change in your percentage allocation, click Continue. To proceed with removing the beneficiary from your account entirely, click Submit.

If you choose to modify a beneficiary

You'll be taken to a page that displays your beneficiary's personal information. When you're satisfied with the information provided, click Continue. Next, you'll have the chance to change the percentage of your account allocated to that beneficiary. Once you've finalized your allocations, click Submit.

After You've Selected a Beneficiary(ies)

You can modify your beneficiary selections at any time to keep your Scottrade Bank account(s) aligned with your plans for the future. For more help using Scottrade Bank's online tools, please visit the Knowledge Center or contact your local Scottrade team.