Stop Payment Request

A stop payment request is a request that Scottrade Bank not honor a check or range of checks that you wrote that were misplaced or stolen. If you choose to stop payment for one of your checks, Scottrade Bank will return the check unpaid. There is no fee for paper check stop payment requests placed through the Banking tab, however a fee is assessed for paper check stop payments requests placed through a Scottrade Bank representative. Electronic (ACH) stop payment requests must be placed through a Scottrade Bank representative and are not assessed a fee. Stop payment requests cannot be made for debit card purchases.

To access your stop payment history, hover over the Banking tab and choose Stop Payment. You can view the stop payment history of any Scottrade Bank account registered in your name by selecting that account from the drop-down Account box at the top of the page.

Note: You will only see bank accounts that were created under the brokerage account being used. To view information for bank accounts created from a different brokerage account, log in to that brokerage account and go to the Banking tab.

The information that you entered at the time you placed the stop payment request will be listed in your stop payment history. This can include the date the stop payment request was placed, amount of the original check, check number, name of the payee and the reason you placed the stop payment request.

To place a new stop payment request online, click the purple Add a New Stop Payment button below your stop payment history.

To change or cancel a stop payment request, click the Modify or Delete links that correspond to the stop payment request you want to change.