Bank Home

You can access your Scottrade Bank information from the Banking tab of your brokerage account. From your Banking tab, you can initiate transfers, deposits and withdrawals, control your account maintenance, access the online Bill Pay service and view your statements and notices.

Account Balances

You can view the total value of your Scottrade Bank accounts from the My Account tab, or view the value of each account individually from the Banking tab of your Scottrade account.

Balance Summaries

To view detailed account balance information as well as important dates and interest rates for each of your accounts, go to the Banking tab and click on your account.

Transaction Details

Your transaction details provide a way for you to monitor your account history for accuracy. You have the ability to filter your transaction history for the previous 18 months by start date and end date, limiting the transactions displayed to a specified time period. You can control the time frame of the transaction information on your screen to track purchases, view records and catalog account transactions.