Account Balances

You can view the total value of your Scottrade Bank accounts from the My Account tab, or view the value of each account individually from the Banking tab of your Scottrade account.

To view your total accounts balance from the My Account tab:

Click the My Account tab to view your Balances page.The total value of all your Scottrade Bank accounts is listed on the Balances page. The balances box includes your Scottrade Banking Account(s) Balance and Total Asset Value (Brokerage Account Value + Scottrade Banking Account(s) Balance).

  • Scottrade Banking Account(s) Balance - total sum of the available balances of all your accounts with Scottrade Bank
  • Total Asset Value - the sum of your money balance and the positions in your brokerage account plus the available balances of all your accounts with Scottrade Bank

To view your account balances from the Banking tab:

Click the Banking tab to view your Banking Home page. The Banking Home page presents the balance information for all of your Scottrade Bank accounts individually.The total value of your combined bank accounts can be found in the Bank Accounts section at the top of the page.

A list of all your accounts is displayed in the Bank Accounts section. This section provides the last four digits of your account number, the account name, your Current Balance, Pending Transactions and Available balance.

  • Account - For your security, the first eight digits of your account number are hidden.Your account number is presented in the form *1234 so that you can use the last four digits to distinguish between multiple accounts.
  • Account Name - The default name of your account will be set by account type.For example, Savings accounts will automatically be named Online Savings. You can rename your account at any time
  • Current Balance -The current balance is the total funds in your account not including any holds or pending transactions. Your current balance is updated each business day to include the transactions that were posted to your account from the previous business day.
  • Available Balance - The available balance is the total funds in your account that are available for immediate use. Your available balance takes into account any pending transactions including holds on your account and electronic transactions (deposits or withdrawals).

To view detailed information regarding one of your accounts, click the View Account Activity link.

You can access your account information by calling Scottrade Bank's automated telephone banking system at 1-800-SCOTTRADE (1-800-726-8872).

Please contact your local Scottrade branch if you believe any of the information for your account is incorrect. For help balancing your checkbook, please view the Reconciliation Form linked to your online statement.