Pay Bills

To pay bills with your Scottrade Bank checking or money market account, hover over the Banking tab of your Scottrade account and click Online Bill Pay. From the Online Bill Pay page, you can use electronic checks to make single or multiple payments, or choose to schedule recurring payments from your account. When paying bills, you may choose to write a memo to the payee or a note to yourself using the links provided on each electronic check.

Payments to One Payee

  1. Mouse over the payee to whom you want to issue a payment, click Options and then choose Pay. Or, select Pay One Bill from the main screen.
  2. Enter your payment information in the entry field provided.
  3. Click Pay.

Payments to Multiple Payees

  1. On the main screen, click Pay Multiple Bills. Your payee list will appear.
  2. Enter the amounts of each bill you want to pay.
  3. Select the due date for each of your payments.
  4. Click Pay Bills.

Payments to Unlisted Individuals or Companies

  1. Click Pay One Bill.
  2. Enter the required information in the entry fields provided.
  3. Click Pay.

Schedule Recurring Payments to a Payee

  1. Mouse over the payee to whom you want to set up recurring payments and click the Options link that appears.
  2. Click Set Up Auto-Pay.
  3. Choose Set Up Auto-Pay in Response to an E-bill or Set Up Auto-Pay at Regular Intervals.
  4. Input your payment information in the Auto-Pay window.

For auto-payments in response to e-bills, select the portion of the bill you want to pay and the payment date from the choices illustrated in the graphic below.