Payee List

When you elect to pay bills online through Scottrade Bank, you have the ability to create a list of the companies and individuals to whom you plan to issue payments. Creating a list allows you to set up recurring auto-payments or make electronic payments without being required to reenter your payee's information multiple times. You can add or delete payees from your payee list at any time, or you can choose to make payments without adding a payee to your list.

To access your list of payees, hover over the Banking tab and click Online Bill Pay. First-time users will be able to create a list of payees or make singular payments from the Welcome window that appears.

Add Payees to Your Payee List

  1. Click the Add Payee button on the toolbar of your Payee List.
  2. Enter the name of the person or business you want to pay and click Continue. Note: If Scottrade Bank has an existing relationship with the payee you entered, you will only need to provide your account number. If Scottrade Bank does not have an existing relationship with the payee, you will be asked to fill out billing information.
  3. Optional: Enter the due date of your next bill and set a reminder for yourself. Reminders will be sent electronically to the e-mail address associated with your Scottrade Bank account.
  4. Optional: Personalize your bill by assigning a nickname to your payee, selecting a payment category and choosing an icon to represent the individual or company in your payee list.
  5. Click Add.

For additional instructions on setting up your payee list, click How to Setup Payees from the Bill Pay Resources box.

Delete Payees from Your Payee List

  1. Mouse over the payee you want to delete from your payee list and click the Options link that appears.
  2. Click Delete Payee.

After you have confirmed your intent to delete the payee you selected, that payee will no longer appear in your list.

Edit Payee Details

You can edit the billing information of your payees or customize the display settings of any payee included on your payee list to change the payee's display name, assign the bill to a payment category or change the icon associated with the payee.

To edit the details of a payee:

  1. Mouse over the payee whose details you want to change and click the Options link that appears.
  2. Choose Edit Payee Details.
  3. Make all changes in the Modify Payee Details window.

Note: For each payee, you can assign a category from the following choices: auto, credit card, household, miscellaneous, none or utilities. You can also assign an icon to each payee from the choices illustrated in the graphic below.