Scottrade Bank®ATM/Debit Cards

Scottrade Bank® ATM/debit cards are available for checking, savings* and money market* accounts at no charge.

Getting Your ATM/Debit Card

When you open a savings, checking or money market account, you can register for a Scottrade Bank ATM/debit card through Bank Online Apply. You can also request an ATM/debit card by logging in to your account, and visiting the Manage ATM/debit Card(s) page within the Banking tab. Once you submit your ATM/debit card request, your card will be sent to you in the mail.

How to Activate Your Scottrade® ATM/Debit Card

To activate your Scottrade Bank® ATM/debit card and choose your PIN, please call 866.633.5293. If you're outside of the United States and in North America, please call toll free at 777.248.5774. If you’re outside of North America, call 866.633.5293. Once you've activated your card, the contact number on the back of your Scottrade Bank® ATM/debit card can be used to reset your existing PIN or order a new PIN if you forget your current identification number.

Linking Other Eligible Bank Accounts to Your ATM/Debit Card

Once you have opened a bank account with a Scottrade Bank® ATM/debit card, other eligible Scottrade Bank accounts can be linked to your original card. Simply visit the Manage ATM/Debit Card page within the Banking tab to select the eligible accounts you would like to link to your card.

Using Your Scottrade ATM/Debit Card

When you use your Scottrade Bank® ATM/debit card at a domestic ATM, Scottrade Bank does not charge ATM fees. Scottrade Bank will also reimburse you at the end of each month for cash withdrawal fees applied to your account by a domestic U.S. ATM. For example, when you make an ATM transaction, you may receive a message such as "You will be charged $2 for this transaction. Proceed?" If you choose to proceed, your account will be debited the $2 charge initially, but Scottrade Bank will reimburse the sum total of your transaction charges at the end of the month.

There is a daily limit of $1,020 for ATM withdrawals and $2,500 for point of sale (POS) transactions.

How to Report a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen Scottrade Bank ATM/debit card, please call 800.500.1044. You can also report your card lost or stolen, by visiting the Manage Your ATM/Debit Cards page within the Banking tab.

Call our Bank Support team for other questions or concerns related to your ATM/debit card including disputed transactions and verifying any online information related to your Scottrade Bank account.

When you use a register or keypad to complete a purchase, choosing to debit the transaction will deduct the total directly from your checking account. A credit transaction is processed or routed through the MasterCard system and may not impact your account immediately. A credit transaction does not mean that your Scottrade Bank ATM/debit card is a credit card. You cannot borrow money against your account and transactions will only be authorized for amounts that can be covered by the available funds in your account.

Scottrade Bank does not issue a charge for cash withdrawals made at any domestic ATM. We will refund cash withdrawal fees applied to your account by a domestic U.S. ATM at the end of each statement cycle. The rebate will appear as a lump-sum credit on the same statement that incurred the initial ATM fees. If you close your account before the end of the statement period, you will not receive a refund. Scottrade Bank makes its best effort to identify those ATM fees eligible for refund. In the event that you do not receive a refund, please contact Scottrade Bank® Support at 855.265.2265. We reserve the right to terminate or limit reimbursements if we observe a pattern of fraud or abusive overuse, and to modify or discontinue the ATM fee refund program at any time. 


Federal law limits the number of certain withdrawals on any savings account or money market account to 6 per month. Withdrawals at ATMs are not subject to federal limits.