Scottrade Bank Notices

A Scottrade Bank automatic notification will be sent to you via e-mail and posted to your account to inform you of the following occurrences:

  • Returned Deposits - deposited item is returned unpaid and charged back to your account
  • CD Notices - when a CD is ten days from maturity
  • Stop Payments - stop payment request has been successfully completed
  • Transaction Limits Exceeded - when money market or savings account transaction limits have been exceeded or a money market or savings account has been converted to a Scottrade Bank checking account due to excessive transactions
  • Tax Statement Alerts - annual tax statement becomes available
  • Monthly Statement Alerts - monthly Scottrade Bank statement becomes available
  • Extended Account Holds - hold has been placed on funds in your account

Scottrade Bank notices are archived for 18 months in the Statements & Notices section of your account.

Viewing Notices

  1. Click Scottrade Bank Notices.
  2. Choose the category in which the notice you want to see would most likely be listed.
  3. Click the notification title for details.

Please note that Online Bill Pay alerts will appear only in the Online Bill Pay section of your Scottrade Bank account.

Scottrade Bank will send e-mail alerts to confirm completed or failed transfers, changes to your telephone PIN.