Telephone Banking

Scottrade Bank Touchtone is an easy way to check your account information from any telephone. To access your Scottrade Bank account details over the phone, dial 800.726.8872. This guide is designed to help you set up Scottrade Bank Touchtone and use it efficiently.

When the automated telephone banking system initiates, press 1 for Scottrade Bank or 2 to be transferred to your local branch.

From the main menu, you will have the following choices:

Transaction Activity

Press 1 for Transaction Activity to listen to your account information including account balance, transaction history and interest information.

Rate Information

Press 2 to listen to the current range of rates and average percentage yield (based on account balance) for Scottrade Bank accounts.

Funds Transfer

Press 3 to transfer funds between your accounts with Scottrade Bank and Scottrade brokerage.

Account Maintenance

Press 4 to change your telephone banking PIN or to order checks for a Scottrade Bank account.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Press 5 to speak to a representative who can assist you with lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards.

Hot Keys

From any menu, press

  • 7 to access another account
  • 8 to repeat the current menu
  • 9 to return to the previous menu
  • 0 to speak with a Scottrade Customer Representative