Transfers, Deposits & Withdrawals

You can track the transfers, deposits and withdrawals made through your Scottrade Bank account from the Banking tab of your brokerage account.

Transferring Funds

You can easily transfer funds from one account to another using Scottrade Bank's online transfer page. Note that you may not transfer funds directly from your Scottrade brokerage account to an external account without first transferring the funds through Scottrade Bank.

External Accounts

Learn how to register external accounts through your Scottrade Bank account to establish online funds transfer capabilities.


Checking, savings and money market accounts require an initial deposit of $100. After the opening deposit, you can add funds to your Scottrade Bank account using any of the methods listed in this section.


Available funds can be withdrawn from your Scottrade Bank account at any time using the methods listed below. Please note that savings and money market accounts are limited to six withdrawals per monthh.