Checking, savings and money market accounts require an initial deposit of $100. After the opening deposit, you can add funds to your Scottrade Bank® account using any of the methods listed below.

Internal Funds Transfers

Transfer available funds to your Scottrade Bank account from an associated Scottrade Bank or brokerage account.

Deposit Funds Electronically (ACH)

Transfer available funds between Scottrade Bank accounts and external bank accounts. Your external account must be registered with Scottrade Bank before funds can be transferred.

Deposit a Check

Deposit funds to a Scottrade Bank account by mailing a check and deposit ticket to Scottrade Bank's remittance center.

Wire Fund Deposits

To wire funds to your Scottrade Bank account, you will need to provide Scottrade Bank's wiring instructions to the depositing institution.

Scottrade Bank cannot accept cash deposits or debit/credit card deposits.

You can also deposit funds into your associated Scottrade brokerage account, and then transfer them into your Scottrade Bank account. Visit the Knowledge Center for instructions on making a deposit to brokerage accounts.