Deposit Funds Electronically (ACH)

Transfer available funds between Scottrade Bank accounts and external bank accounts. Your external account must be registered with Scottrade Bank before funds can be transferred. Once an external account has been registered, follow the Knowledge Center instructions for transferring funds. Funds transferred from an external bank account to Scottrade Bank will settle in two to three business days.

ACH Deposit Limits

Limit Types Amount
Minimum limit per transfer $1.00
Maximum limit per transfer $100,000.00
1-day limit* $100,000.00
7-day limit* $200,000.00
1-month limit* $800,000.00
3-month limit* $2,400,000.00


Important Deposit Limit Information

* The limits listed above are based on a rolling cycle from the date of the last deposit. The total dollar amount of all transfers initiated during this period cannot exceed the corresponding limit amount.

ACH Deposit Holds

A four-day hold must be placed on incoming ACH deposits from external bank accounts. Transferred funds will not be available during the hold. Your funds on hold will be calculated into the overall 'current balance' of your account but they will not be included in your 'available balance' for immediate withdrawal.