Pending External Accounts

Once you have added an external account, your account will appear on your pending external accounts list. A list of pending external accounts to be registered with your Scottrade Bank account is available to you by hovering over the Banking tab, clicking Transfer Funds and choosing Pending External Accounts.

The information on the Pending External Accounts page includes the name of the bank at which each account is held, the routing number of each account, your account numbers, the type of account, and the owner of each account. You can choose to cancel the registration of an account or verify the registration of an account from the Pending External Accounts page.

To cancel the pending registration of an external account, click the Delete link that corresponds to the account you want to remove from your Pending External Accounts List.

To verify a pending external account so that it can be added to your registered external accounts, click the Verify link that corresponds to the account you want to add. Learn more about the account verification process.