Verify or Delete External Accounts

When you add an external account with Scottrade Bank, you will be asked to verify the account by completing a deposit test. Using the account information you provided, Scottrade Bank will make two electronic microdeposits to your external account. In order to verify your account, you will be asked to confirm the amount of both deposits within 60 days.

To Verify Electronic Deposits:

  1. Hover over the Banking tab of your Scottrade account, select Transfer Funds, click Manage External Accounts and then select Pending External Accounts.
  2. Click the Verify link that corresponds to the external account you want to register with Scottrade Bank.
  3. Enter the amounts of the microdeposits made to your external account by Scottrade Bank in the fields provided.
  4. Click the Verify Deposits button.

Once you have correctly verified Scottrade's deposits to your external account, the account is successfully registered through Scottrade Bank and can be viewed from the Registered External Accounts page.

To Delete a Pending Account:

If you choose not to verify a pending external account, you can delete the account from your pending accounts list at any time.

  1. Under Pending External Accounts, click the Delete link that corresponds to the pending account order you want to cancel.
  2. A dialog box will appear to confirm that you want to delete the account before registration. Click OK.