Funds Settlement Schedule and Limits

Depending on the type of transfer being initiated, there may be a delay in funds settlement. View the graphic below for clarification.

Transfer Type* Funds Settlement Schedule
Scottrade Bank to Scottrade Brokerage
Scottrade Brokerage to Scottrade Bank
Scottrade Bank to Scottrade Bank
Scottrade Bank to External Bank (ACH)
Funds debited from Scottrade Bank immediately. Credit posted to external bank in 2-3 business days.
External Bank to Scottrade Bank (ACH)
When you initiate an ACH transfer credit at Scottrade Bank from your external institution, the credit is posted to your Scottrade Bank account with a 3-business-day hold. The debit to the external bank will post in 2-3 business days. When the credit is initiated at your external bank it is immediately available upon posting at Scottrade Bank.

* Transfers initiated on a weekend or holiday will settle in two business days.

Deposit Funds Electronically (ACH)

Transfer available funds between Scottrade Bank® accounts and external bank accounts. Your external account must be registered with Scottrade Bank before funds can be transferred. Once an external account has been registered, follow the instructions for transferring funds. ACH Debit transfer instructions requested by you at Scottrade Bank® for funds to be pulled from your registered account at another financial institution and deposited into your Scottrade Bank® account will be made available no later than the third business day after the day of your original deposit.

ACH Deposit Limit Type
Limit Amount
Minimum deposit limit per transfer
Maximum deposit limit per transfer
One-day total transfer limit $100,000
Seven-day total transfer limit $200,000
One-month total transfer limit
Three-month total transfer limit $2,400,000

Please note that the limits listed above are based on a rolling cycle starting the date of your last deposit.

ACH Deposit Holds

A three-day hold will be placed on the provisional credit applied to your account immediately following the ACH deposit transactions requested by you at Scottrade Bank for funds to be pulled from your registered account at another financial institution, and deposited in your Scottrade Bank® account. The credit will not be available during the hold period while Scottrade Bank verifies the funds. During this time, your funds on hold will be calculated into the "current balance" of your account but they will not be included in your "available balance" for immediate withdrawal. However, you will earn interest on your "current balance" amount.

Withdraw Funds Electronically (ACH)

Available funds from Scottrade Bank® checking, money market and savings accounts can be transferred to registered external accounts. To register an external account, hover over the Banking tab, click Transfer Funds and then choose Add External Account. Once an account has been registered, follow the Knowledge Center instructions for transferring funds. Please note that savings and money market accounts are limited to 6 withdrawals per month. For other ACH withdrawal limits, please see the chart below.

ACH Withdrawal Limit Type
Limit Amount
Per Day $20,000
Per Rolling Week $20,000
Per Rolling Month

Please note that the limits shown above do not apply to Online Bill Pay transfers.