Account Management

Managing your account is key to managing your money. In this section, you'll learn about your account features, how to monitor and track securities, your account history and tax statements, deposits and withdrawals, and how to set your account preferences.

Balance Information

View balance information for cash accounts, margin accounts, day trading margin accounts, Bank Deposit Program accounts and uninvested funds.

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitor your account positions, track securities with watch lists & portfolios, and learn how to use tools like alerts.

Account History

Keep track of your account history with your transaction history, trade confirmations, account statements and tax statements.


Deposit money to your account electronically, by check or by wire transfer. Learn more about balance restrictions and stock deposits.


Learn about withdrawal options such as requesting a check, stock and/or wire transfer.

Account Info & Preferences

Personalize your account by setting your password, choosing your site preferences, updating your contact information and naming your account.

Scottrade Sweep Program

Scottrade's Sweep Program provides FDIC insurance protection for your uninvested cash of up to $1 million.