Account Statements

To find your account statements, both current and archived, hover over My Account and click Account Statements under the Statements & History heading.

Choose a month and year from the menu and click the View button.

The Account Statement will be displayed in a separate browser window. The use of pop-up blockers may interfere with viewing Account Statements.

Note: Account statements are not generated when there is no account activity, but you will still see quarterly statements after the end of March, June, September and December.

Reading Your Account Statement

Use the information below to help you understand the different sections of your account statement.

A. Information Update

Stay informed of updates, such as news about features or tools that are available to you.

B. Account Summary

This summarizes your total account value, which consists of all priced securities and account money balances (debit or credit) for the statement period.

C. Activity Summary

This section provides a list of cash flows in and out of the account for the statement period. Credits include dividend/interest income and other credits, which includes deposits and sales proceeds. Debits include purchases, margin interest paid and money withdrawn from the account.

D. Current Tax Strategy

This is the tax strategy you have in place on the last day of the month. If you have not selected a strategy, Scottrade's default strategy - First In, First Out (FIFO) - will be shown.

E. Security Positions

All the securities held in your account are listed here, based on settlement date. They are identified by account type, symbol, quantity, description, and estimated market price and value as of the close of the statement period. The approximate current price is obtained from an independent reliable source; however, it is not intended to reflect prevailing market prices.

F. Estimated Annual Income

This is calculated with a projected methodology, taking the latest regular cash dividend paid multiplied by the payment frequency. The date and rate of the last dividend payment will show in the security's description when available.

G. Estimated Annual Yield

This is calculated by taking the estimated annual income per share divided by the estimated market price.

H. Account Activity

Information in these sections of your statement will be customized to your specific type of account. Shown here are a cash account and a margin account.

I. Tax Lot Method

This column will display the tax strategy used on covered closing transactions. This may be the same as the default strategy for your account, or it may be a method you selected specifically for a particular transaction.

J. Versus Purchase

This section will appear on your statement only if you provided specific Versus Purchase instructions on a closing transaction during this statement period. This means you selected a specific tax lot(s) to be used to close a position.

K. Trades Pending Settlement

These are transactions that have been executed, but have a settlement date beyond the close of the statement period. This section only appears on your statement if you have unsettled trades.

L. Bank Deposit Activity

For qualifying accounts, this section will reflect cash-related activity within the Scottrade® Sweep Program.

M. Scottrade® Sweep Program Balances

For qualifying accounts, this section will reflect deposits held at program banks.