Trade Confirmations

Use the Account Confirmation page to view details for all of your completed trades including the dates and descriptions of individual transactions, tax lot number and average price of the order.

To view your trade confirmations, hover over My Account in your Scottrade® account, and then click Confirmations under the Statements & History heading.

To view the details of a single trade confirmation, click the View link corresponding to that trade. If the net amount of a trade was calculated based on an average price of multiple fills, YES will be indicated in the Avg Price column. If your order was executed in one fill, you will see NO indicated.

You can change the presentation of the Confirmations page using the column headers. Click on a column header to sort your confirmation history based on that qualifier. For example, click on the Date column header to view your confirmations in chronological order or click on Symbol to view your confirmations in the alphabetical order of the positions in your account.

If you do not have a printer and need a paper confirmation sent to you, the charge is $1.00 per confirmation. Please make the request to have a duplicated confirmation sent to you though your local branch office.