Transaction History

Use the Transaction History page to locate important details of transactions that took place in your account including the dates and descriptions for each transaction. Multiple shares of a security that were part of a single trade order will be shown as one transaction. If the net amount of the transaction was calculated based on an average price of multiple fills, YES will be indicated in the Avg Price column. If your order was executed in one fill, you will see NO in the Avg Price column. An order placed prior to Aug. 28, 2010 will show N/A in the Avg Price column. Those earlier orders will only display individual fills. Visit the Order Status page of your account to view the individual fills for any trade.

To view the Transaction History page, hover over My Account and click Transaction History under the Statements & History heading.

When viewing information on the Transaction History page, you can filter the page results by Date, Transaction and Symbol using the entry fields at the top of the page. Using the Transactions drop-down box, you can filter your transaction history by the following types of transactions:

  • Trades
  • Buys
  • Sells
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Interest
  • Dividend
  • Stock Receipts
  • Stock Deliveries

To filter your transaction history for a range of dates, use the Date drop-down box and enter the Start and End Dates of the period you want to view. Use the Export to Excel button to create records of your investments that can be saved on your personal computer.

Please Note: Transactions initiated after Dec. 20, 2010, will not display a trade number when you export your records to Excel. All transactions initiated after Dec. 20, 2010 will be assigned a tax lot number instead of a trade number. To view the tax lot number of a transaction, hover over My Account and click Confirmations under the Statements & History heading.

To add a security shown on your Transaction History page to one of your watch lists, click the checkbox next to the symbol you want to add on the left side of the page. Use the watch list drop-down box provided to choose the watch list on which you want the symbol to appear. Once you have selected the securities you want to add and the correct watch list, click Add. To add multiple securities to a watch list at once, use the Select All link provided above your transaction history list.

You can change the presentation of the Transaction History page using the column headers. Click on a column header to sort your transaction history based on that qualifier. For example, click on the Date column header to view your transactions in chronological order or click on Symbol to view your transactions in the alphabetical order of the positions in your account.

To view the details of individual transactions from your Account History, choose the Confirmations tab and click the View link in the left Confirm column for that trade.