Monitor & Tracking


To view a listing of your positions, click the My Account tab at the top of the page once you are logged in, then click Positions from the left-hand navigation column.

Watch Lists & Portfolios

Access your watch lists and portfolios by logging into your Scottrade account, clicking the My Account tab at the top, and choose Watch Lists & Portfolios from the menu on the left.


Alerts are messages sent when something important occurs with your account, when the market criteria you set for a security is met, or when they are regularly scheduled to update you on your account.

Ratings & Reports

We offer a variety of different reports to help you execute your personal investment strategy. Each type of analysis is explained in this article to help you understand the information provided and how it can be used to evaluate your positions.

Gainers & Losers

Access Shareholder Notifications

With Shareholder Notifications, you can review your shareholder information and vote on proxy solicitations from inside your Scottrade account.