Access Shareholder Notifications

With Shareholder Notifications, you can review your shareholder information and vote on proxy solicitations from inside your Scottrade® account. The web-based Shareholder Notifications tab complements our existing process of emailing shareholder communications.

To access Shareholder Notifications from your account:

  1. Log in to your Scottrade® account and hover over My Account.
  2. In the menu, click on Shareholder Notifications under the Account Details heading.

The tab organizes notifications into seven different columns. A few items of note:

  1. Date is sortable, either in ascending or descending order of notification.
  2. Issuer/Documents provides a combined view of both the issuer of your shareholder information, as well as a brief summary of the document(s) being presented for your review. If the issuer is not named, a CUSIP will be provided instead.
  3. Type provides a general category for the nature of your notification.
  4. If the Action requires a vote, you will see a due date and status from when you last voted. You can vote multiple times, but only your most recent vote will count. If no action is required, the final three columns will be blank.

Availability of Alert Types

The default time span of each alert type is provided below:

Proxy: Available 7 days after the Due Date

Reorg: Available 7 days after the Due Date

Regulatory: Available 45 days after the Received Date

Initial Trade Prospectus: Available 45 days after the Received Date

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