The Positions page of your account is designed to help you track your investments and monitor their market performance with information you choose to display. To view your Positions page, hover over My Account and click Positions under the Account Details heading. The Positions table can be customized to change the data columns displayed, the order in which each column appears, the number of positions shown and the way your positions are sorted.

Customize Your Information

To customize the data columns displayed on your page, click the Edit button above your Positions table. You can choose from over 50 data columns to see the market information that impacts your investment decisions.  Read Edit Positions Display for more information on each of the data columns available or help customizing your Positions table.

To sort the data columns displayed in your Positions table, click the column header by which you would like to organize your positions. For example, click Qty to arrange your positions in ascending order by quantity. Click Qty again to arrange your positions in descending order by quantity.

You can also choose to apply shading to the rows on your Positions page and select the number of positions that display per page based on your visual preferences.

Quotes and News

To access a detailed quote or news for one of your positions, hover your mouse over that symbol and choose Detailed Quote or News.

Trades and Alerts

To place a trade or set an alert on a position, hover your mouse over that symbol and choose Trade or Set an Alert.

To sell all shares of a position in your account, click the share quantity found in the Qty column. An Order Entry page will appear with your sell information automatically populated for that position.

You can also access an at-a-glance view of your current positions in the Positions table on your account home page.

Optional Dividends

If you see a paperclip icon next to one of your securities, it means that security pays an optional dividend. With an optional dividend, you have the option to accept a dividend payment in cash or in stock. Your default preference is automatically checked. If you wish to continue with that default selection, then hit the purple Submit button.

If you choose to override your default preference, you will then see a checkbox asking you if you want to revise your default option. If you do, check the box Always choose this option for all stocks that offer optional dividends followed by Submit. If you want to retain your existing default, leave the box unchecked and click Submit.