Sell Action

The transactions displayed under the Sell Action section of your page make up a list positions currently in your account that you would have to sell to match the portfolio allocation you created with the My Action Plan Model. To completely match the portfolio allocation of your Action Plan Model, you'll also have to execute all the buy transactions displayed under the Buy Action section.

The Sell Action section displays the name of each security listed, the security's asset type and a full quote to help you evaluate the security's performance and consider whether or not selling the investment shares is the right decision for you. You'll also see a column labeled Share to Buy, which indicates how many shares of your investment would need to be sold for you to reach your target allocation. To find more in-depth research on any of the securities displayed, go to the Quotes & Research tab of your account.

To sell the securities listed, click the Trade button in any security row. You'll be transferred to an order entry ticket for your purchase. The ticket will auto-populate some of the transaction information including symbol, shares and whether the order is a buy or sell. You'll need to select an order type and confirm the transaction. Once the order entry process is complete, you can return to your Action Plan to continue with the next transaction.