Drag and Drop Tables

Drag-and-drop functionality is available on the default Home screen of your Scottrade® account and several pages under the Quotes & Research menu to help you customize your investing experience.

Where the drag-and-drop functionality is present, you can rearrange the page layout by moving tables to a new location on the page. To move one of your tables, click and hold on the title bar and drag the table to its new position. Once the table is positioned the way you want, release your mouse to drop the table in its new location.

In the image below, the My Account table under the Home tab is moved underneath the Orders table.

The first screen provides a view of the original page layout, on which the My Account table is located above the Orders table. In the second and third screen, the user has left-clicked the title bar of the My Account table, dragged the table down the page and released the mouse to drop the table into its new location. The fourth screen illustrates the new page layout, on which the My Account table is located underneath the Orders table.

Drag-and-drop functionality is available in the following locations:

  • All tables on the Home tab of your account
  • Market Statistics page
  • Today's Market News page
  • Market Calendar page
  • All screeners