Edit My Account Display

The My Account table on your Home page displays any balances you have chosen to include in your balances chart. Choose the time period shown in your chart using the radio buttons provided. You can set your chart to display balances for one week, one month, three months, or six months.

Edit the My Account table to choose a display setting for your balances chart and select which balances appear on your Home page. To edit your My Account table, log in to your Scottrade account and click the Edit link in the upper left corner of the My Account table. Use the Edit link to customize your balances information in a way that makes account management easy and effective for you.

To change your chart display:

  • Use the radio buttons to choose a chart style that matches your graphic display preferences.

When you use the enhanced chart style, mouse over the chart to see a detailed view of your balances that corresponds to the dates included in the chart. Click the Export to Excel link to create an Excel spreadsheet that includes your account balances for each day covered in the chart time period you selected

To select account balances to display on your Home page:

  • Check the boxes next to the account balances you want to include in your My Account table.

Click Save to implement your changes. Click Cancel to return to your My Account table without making changes.

For information about moving your My Account table to a new location on your page, read Drag and Drop Tables.