Edit Quick Links Display

The Quick Links table of your Home page provides convenient access to other parts of your account or the Scottrade website. Choose which links are included in your Quick Links table using the Edit link in the upper left corner.

To add a link to your Quick Links table:

  • Click any link listed in the Available box and click the Add button.

To remove a link from your Quick Links table:

  • Click any link listed in the Selected box and click the Remove button.

To change the display order of links in your Quick Links table:

  • Click any link in the Selected box and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to assign a location to each link.

To select multiple links at once, press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key while you choose your links. Mac users should use the Command key in place of the Control (Ctrl) key.

Use the radio buttons provided to arrange the Quick Links table in a list format (or with a drop down menu)

Scottrade New Features Banners inside the Quick Links table inform you of upgrades and new releases inside your account. You can choose to remove the New Features Banners from your Quick Links table display by enabling the Hide New Features Banner function at the bottom of the Edit Quick Links Display window.

Click Save to implement your changes. Click Cancel to return to your Quick Links table without making changes.

For information about moving your Quick Links table to a new location on your page, read Drag and Drop Tables.