Edit Top Ten Display

The Scottrade® client website allows you to review securities according to performance criteria of your choice. Securities are listed on three major exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ and NYSE MKT LLC. For each criterion selected in the Top Ten table, you will be able to view ten securities that most closely meet your requirements. Each Top Ten table is designed to offer a broad view of the market action on which you may choose to base your trading decisions.

Viewing the Top Ten

  1. Click Edit This Home Page button in the Home Tab of the Scottrade® client website.
  2. Click the Next button to take you to Page 2 of the Customization Center.
  3. Click the plus sign on the Top Ten table, or simply drag and drop it to your Home Page. (Note: If you drag it into the narrow column, the table will automatically resize and reformat.)
  4. Choose an exchange from the Exchange drop-down box. Your choices are NYSE, NASDAQ, or NYSE MKT LLC.
  5. To add top ten criteria, open the Display drop-down box and select from the following: 
    Equity Top Volume  
    Equity Top $ Gainers 
    Equity Top $ Losers 
    Equity Top % Gainers
    Equity Top % Losers
  6. To open additional top ten lists, repeat steps two and three.

To close a Top Ten, click the X in the right corner of the table.

To place a trade from the Top Ten, click Buy or Sell in the right column of the table.

Quotes and research materials are provided by third party sources and are deemed to be reliable. Scottrade assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the data.