Quote FAQs

What do the Financial Status Indicator symbols mean on NASDAQ stocks?

The financial status of NASDAQ stocks is indicated by the 'Financial Status Indicator'. If the stock is normal, no indicator will be shown. The indicator will display after the symbol at the top of the Detailed Quote page of a particular stock.

Below is a description of what each Financial Indicator means:

What do the letters attached to the volume of a stock mean?

The following letters attached to the volume of a stock indicate whether the stock is currently restricted, halted or trading in fast market conditions:

(R) - Indicates a Uniform Practice Code 11830 restricted security. Stocks subject to the close-out requirement are those with an aggregate 'clearing' short position of 10,000 shares or more that equals or exceeds one half of one percent of the total shares outstanding. The 'R' designates that the volume displayed is made up of an extremely large number of short sales, and that there may be a greater chance that if you sell this stock short, you will be called to cover within a short period of time.

(H) - Indicates trading is halted on this stock

(F) - Indicates Fast Market conditions

How are quote symbols formatted in short form?

The following is a Quick Reference Table regarding how to input symbols in short form.