Symbol Lookup

Auto-Fill Feature

Many of the Symbol entry fields on the Scottrade® client website have been equipped with an auto-fill feature to help you quickly enter the correct symbol for the company of your choice. You can use the auto-fill function in the Detailed Quote box, the alerts page, watch lists and in the Quick Trade Bar.

When you enter the beginning of a symbol or company name into any of the fields equipped with this feature, the auto-fill tool will activate and provide you with a list of suggested symbols. You may select a symbol by clicking one of the suggested securities with your mouse, or you can finish entering the full symbol into the text box.

If you don't know a company's symbol, you may simply type the name of the company into one of the Symbol boxes, and the auto-fill feature will provide a list of companies to choose from. For example, if you type 'HYPOTHETICAL COMPANY' into one of the Symbol boxes, the auto-fill feature will show you that the symbol for Hypothetical Company's stock is HYPO.

Find Symbol Link

There is a Find Symbol link located to the right of every Symbol entry box on order entry pages.

Clicking on the Find Symbol link will activate a window which you can use to look up the symbol for any stock or index.

Type a company's name into the entry field provided and click Go. A list of possible companies and symbols will appear below the Symbol Lookup box.

Quotes & Research Page

To retrieve a symbol for a stock, mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF), hover over Quotes & Research and click the appropriate link under the Research heading. You will see a Start Your Research box. Enter a company's name and click Go to view a detailed quote for that company or fund, including its symbol.