Your Custom Home Tab

The Home tab of your account is designed to offer you a fully customizable trading experience. Manage your account in a way that matches your investment strategies with the ability to create up to three different home pages and select a layout and the tables that display on each home page. You can use your home pages to get an instant snapshot of your account, see important messages from Scottrade, monitor potential investments or track market changes that impact your positions.

First, create a new home page and then customize the content in each individual table you include in your home page.

Create a New Home Page

  1. Click the Home Page drop-down menu and choose Create New Home Page.
  2. A default name (e.g, Home Page 2) is automatically assigned to your new home page. To change this name at any time, type a different page title in the Home Page Name field.
  3. In the Choose Layout field, wide/narrow is set as the default view; you can select narrow/wide or all narrow as your home page layout.
  4. Click the plus symbol (+) in the upper right corner of any table or drag and drop a table to add that table to your home page. You can add up to 23 tables per home page and can choose to add the same table to a home page multiple times.
  5. Drag and drop tables to new locations on your page to arrange your information in the way that makes the most sense to you.
  6. When finished, click the Done button.

Use the drop-down menu under your custom Home tab to navigate among multiple home pages.

Restore a Home Page to Default View

Click the Edit This Home Page button and choose the Restore Home Page to Default View link in the upper right corner to reapply the default settings to your home page. Note: You will not be able to recover any of the customizations you made to this home page.

Delete a Home Page

Click the Edit This Home Page button and choose the Delete This Home Page link in the upper right corner to delete the home page that displays.Note: Deleted home pages cannot be recovered.

Add Tables to Your Home Page

Depending on your account type, the following tables can be included in any of your home pages and arranged in an order that matches your investing style:

My Account

The My Account table offers an at-a-glance account overview including your current account balance information and a chart of your historical balances. Personalize your table by selecting the timeframe you'd like to see, the type of chart displayed and which balances are shown. Access more detailed balance information by clicking the Balance Details link under your balance summary.


View your open and completed orders without leaving your home page. Click the drop-down menu to sort your open orders by Order Time, Symbol, Order Type, Price, Status, Order Number, Duration, Expiration and Session.

Your completed orders will be listed near your open orders to help you quickly track your executions. Open the drop-down menu to organize your completed orders list by Execution Time, Symbol, Order Type, Quantity, Execution Price, Total, Order Number and Settlement Date.

Edit the transaction information displayed in your Orders table to help you track your open or completed buys and sells.


View performance data for the positions you currently hold in your Positions table. Customize the data displayed in your table to help you keep track of how your positions are performing at a glance.

Also notice at the bottom of your positions list, you'll see the Total Market Value of your positions and Today's Change, the net change (both dollar and percentage) in market value for all positions during the current market day.

Watch Lists

Monitor potential investment opportunities from your Watch Lists table. To toggle among your lists, use the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Add symbols to a watch list directly from the table, or use the Edit link in the upper left table corner to change the data columns that display in your table or organize the way your watch list information is presented. To add multiple symbols to a watch list, enter up to 10 symbols separated by a comma in the entry field provided.


Create customized alerts that can help you manage your positions and track potential investment opportunities. The Alerts table shows your five most recent alerts so you can see what's happening the moment you log in to your account. Modify your alert settings with the Manage Alerts link, or select View All to go straight to the Alerts page in your account.


General and account-specific messages are combined in a single table for quick access. The General tab of your Messages table includes notifications from Scottrade that apply to all customers. They can deal with everything from new laws and regulations to maintenance requirements and market hours. The five most recent general messages display on your home page; you can view all general messages by clicking the View All link.

The My Support tab of your Messages table contains responses to the messages you sent Scottrade Support via the Contact Us page. The five most recent messages display on your home page; click the View All link to see all of your support messages.

Note: The Messages table is automatically added to any home page you create.

Quick Links

Look to the Quick Links for convenient access to featured parts of your account or the Scottrade website, and view banners that provide information on recent account or product updates. Set 'bookmarks' for the links you use most often and choose the style in which your links display. Scottrade updates the Quick Links based on what's most useful and popular with our customers, so check back frequently for new links.


Get the latest market research and news updates from Dow Jones with the News table. Make sure you see the information that matters most to you by using the drop-down menu to filter news by category, keyword or symbol, or see all news that mentions the positions you currently hold in your account.

Table Tools

Arrange the tables on your home page in the way that's most useful to you and customize your home page using the tools described below.

Edit Links - Click the Edit link that displays in the table heading to view the customizable settings you can select for that table.

Minimize/Restore Tables - Click the Minimize icon to hide information and conserve space, and then use the Restore icon to see the information when you need it.

Refresh Table - Use the Refresh icon to update the information that displays in one table without refreshing the entire page.Place your cursor on this icon to view a time stamp that shows when the information that displays in this table was last updated.

Delete Table - To remove a table from your home page, click the Delete icon.If you delete a table by mistake, you can add it back to your home page, but any customizations you made to that home page table will be lost.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality - To assign a table to a new location on your home page, click the table heading and drag the table to a new position. Once the table is positioned the way you want, release your mouse button to drop the table in its new location.

To learn more about the customizable options on your account home page, visit Customize Your Account or view the Customize Your Home Tab webcast in our Media Center.