Checking Order Status

The Order Status page for mutual funds provides information on any order you have placed that is open, completed, has expired or has been canceled. You can use the Order Status page to keep track of investing activity in your account. To check the status of a mutual fund order from your Scottrade® account:

  1. Hover over My Account at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Order Status link located under the Account Details heading.
  3. In the horizontal row of tabs that appears, click on the Mutual Funds tab.
  4. When viewing information on the Order Status page, you can filter the page results by Date, Status and Symbol using the entry fields at the top of the page. Using the Status drop-down box, you can filter your status results by the following order categories:
    • Open orders
    • Completed orders
    • Canceled orders
    • Expired orders
  5. Click Go to view your filtered mutual fund order history.

Click the order number of a transaction to view details for that order, including a description of the order you placed, instructions for dividends and capital gains and the order transaction fee.

From the Order Status page, click on any symbol to visit the Quotes & Research for that position.